• Unblock Facebook in China


    Unblock Facebook in China – No matter China Block VPNs

    The Chinese authorities block some websites. The reasons for this form of censorship are varied; however, the Chinese government says that it censors internet use for the purpose of national security. Facebook is one of the websites that Chinese authorities censor. However, here is a guide on how you can unblock Facebook in China using […]

  • Bypass Snooper’s Charter in the UK


    Bypass Snooper’s Charter in the UK – Stay Protected Anywhere

    Snooper’s Charter is officially known as the Investigatory Powers Act. Both houses of parliament in the UK passed this controversial piece of legislation back in November. This law is controversial for various reasons. Essentially, it allows law-enforcement agencies to quickly access the private data of individuals through extensive hacking activities, and this is a form […]

  • Bypass Internet Censorship in Russia


    Bypass Internet Censorship in Russia – A Complete How to Guide

    The Russian government has been using legislation to keep tabs on the way people use the internet in the country. The government has been controlling how individuals use the Internet in the country in the past few years by using a specialised agency called Roskomnadzor. In practice, the Roskomnadzor seeks to sieve content online, check […]

  • VPNs for adult sites


    Best VPNs for Adult Sites

    Many people use VPNs for adult sites. The problem is that some countries do not allow people to access adult sites that quickly. In such countries, government issue instructions to ISPs to block any porn site. If you happen to be in such a country, you can still overcome the restrictions that the governments put […]

  • BlackBerry Encryption


    Why there is a Need for BlackBerry Encryption

    BlackBerry is one of the most secure and reliable phones on the market, thanks to the manner in which the manufacturer focuses on security. The phones have various specialised features that you can use to encrypt all the data that you keep on the phone. Besides, the procedure of encrypting all the data that you […]

  • access P2P file sharing sites safely


    Access P2P File Sharing Sites Safely – A Detailed Guide

    P2P file sharing sites allow you to access all manner of content free of charge. You can download your favourite movies, music videos and other types of content from these sites at no cost. Given the open nature of P2P file sharing sites, it follows that you face many dangers when you access the sites. […]

  • Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data


    Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data

    In an interesting twist of events, hackers have managed to hack into the security system of Darkode, an infamous malware and hacking tools marketplace. Reports indicate that the hacking site suffered a massive attack after hackers managed to breach its security features and access the data of nearly all the individuals who use the site. […]

  • Best iPhone Antivirus Programs


    6 Best iPhone Antivirus Programs for the Year 2017

    You need to be careful when getting a best iPhone antivirus for your mobile. Apple sells you the iPhone after it has already installed a root password that you cannot change. What this means is that, if need be, iPhone can have deep access to the data that you store on your iPhone. Interestingly, antivirus […]

  • Best Spyware for Android 2017


    4 Best Spyware for Android 2017 – Android Security Solution

    Here are some of the best spyware for Android phone for the year 2017. Remember that there are very many spyware applications in the market. Some applications, which are free, promise to do wonders. However, many of them fail the basic test of the extent to which they can help you monitor the location and activities […]

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