• Set Up VPN on DD-WRT Router


    How to Set Up VPN on DD-WRT Router: A Detailed Guide

    A VPN secures your online privacy because it encrypts your traffic and channels it via secure tunnels. Thus, it hides your IP address and makes it impossible for third parties to find out what you do when you are online. HideMyAss VPN is one of the most effective VPN services that you can use when […]

  • Tech Giants Microsoft and Intel Announce New Bug Bounties


    Tech Giants Microsoft and Intel Announce New Bug Bounties

    After keeping mum as other tech firms put up bug bounties, microchip manufacturer Intel has finally joined the club. The firm has put out up to $30,000 for those who will be able to fish out any vulnerabilities in its pieces of software. Such perks are enough to draw the attention of white hat hackers […]

  • Secure SSL Website


    The Importance Of The Padlock In Your Secure SSL Website Address Bar

    While there has been a campaign to educate online shoppers and eCommerce sites about the importance of proper security, there continues to be some confusion and perhaps a misunderstanding about the different signs and symbols of a website using SSL certificate security. It can also be confusing as different web site browsers will have different […]

  • Common Windows 10 Errors


    Methods to Getting Rid of Common Windows 10 Errors

    Since Microsoft released Windows 10 two years ago, millions of users have upgraded to this latest operating system. With the new design in some aspects and new features, it brought a great experience to users. However, along with the good points, there were also some negative aspects that brought bad experiences. Those are annoying errors […]

  • Share Files Anonymously via TOR


    How to Share Files Anonymously via TOR – Step By Step!

    With private networks, you can share any file without interruptions. You can share files anonymously via TOR as it is the best of them all. Anonymity continues to be a major issue in the recent times given the increased number of security breaches reported. Also, there are cases of government surveillance which send many people […]

  • Watch Netflix on Linux


    Four Ways to Watch Netflix on Linux – A New Solution!

    The Linux Netflix relationship has been the subject of many discussion forums for a while now. This is because most people are not able to watch Netflix on Linux. While Netflix has not released an official app for the Linux operating system, who says you can’t have fun? Chrome Browser You can now access Netflix […]

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