October 8, 2016 Overplay Smart DNS Review

Overplay Smart DNS Review

Overplay Smart DNS is a fairly new entrant in the Smart DNS market. However, certain things make it one of the most common Smart DNS services in the market. One of them is that the company behind the service has managed to package it in a very convincing manner. Because the service has very competitive pricing plans and effective performance, many individuals are embracing it. In this Overplay Smart DNS review, we look at these and other features that make Overplay Smart DNS service one of the best.

Overplay Smart DNS Review


  • It is one of the best Smart DNS services regarding connectivity speeds.
  • The pricing plans for the service are very competitive.


  • Overplay Smart DNS service has servers in relatively fewer countries as compared to its rivals.
  • The customer support team takes a long time to respond to some complaints.

Full Overplay Smart DNS Review


The most important feature of Overplay Smart DNS service is that it helps clients to access geo-restricted content. Some streaming companies and websites control the content that they stream only. They make their content available in select countries only. Clients who live outside the select countries cannot access the content.

However, Smart DNS, like any other standard Smart DNS service, helps you to bypass this form of restrictions. The service contacts the servers of the streaming websites on your behalf. Since the service has servers in several different countries, it can fool the streaming websites. Thus, the servers of the service help to access any website in the world from any country.


overplay-smart-dns-priceOverplay Smart DNS service has several pricing plans. The pricing plans for the service are similar to those which other Smart DNS services in the market use. Therefore, the only difference is the amount of money that the service charges for every plan. The service charges $4.95 for one month. This plan offers you access to several servers of the service. You can still use this plan to access some of the best streaming services in the world. The second plan, which is for six months, costs $26.95. The third plan, which is for twelve months, costs $49.95.


In general, Smart DNS services that have many servers in different countries offer their clients better services than those which have fewer servers. In this case, Overplay Smart DNS has a fair number of servers in the various countries in the world. Although there are many other services which have more servers than Overplay, Overplay remains a strong service. You can access many streaming sites using the site from anywhere in the world.


Smart DNS services do not encrypt data. It is only VPN services that encrypt the data of clients. VPN services encrypt data as a way of making sure that the data is secure. However, the process of encrypting data leads to lower speeds. Thus, VPN servers are slower than Smart DNS services. When you use a Smart DNS service like Overplay, you can access the internet at your normal speed. However, when you use a VPN service, you access the internet at a reduced speed.

Web App

The web app of Overplay Smart DNS service is quite attractive. You can use it with relative ease because all the functionalities are within reach. Also, you can access your account on a mobile device. The mobile app of the service is quite effective. You can carry out all the basic functions on your account when using the app.


overplay-smart-dns-compatibilityOverplay Smart DNS supports very many devices. For example, it supports all Android devices. It also supports Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and Xbox. Also, you can use the service to stream content on many channels, some of which include the following: Amazon, BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

Payment Options

You can pay for the service using your debit or credit card or using your PayPal or any online wallet account. The service allows clients to pay for plans using different methods. This makes it easy for customers to get the service at any given time.

Customer Support

In case you run into problems when using the service, you can contact the client support team using the ticketing system. By far, the ticketing system is the best method of getting the attention of the customer support representatives. You cannot rely on the live chat function since it is unavailable most of the time.

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