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OneDrive Review

OneDrive Review


Changing SkyDrive into OneDrive, the tech giant Microsoft has certainly created some ripples among its rivals. Microsoft OneDrive is cross podium, rich in features and is testing the whole thing to run over its rivals.OneDrive Review


  • It is related to Microsoft Office which is a highly reliable application.
  • Its compatibility with different types of platforms including Android and iOS.
  • The Web App allows you to do many different things with very few tabs.


  • The storage capacity is still limited, and things are not going to get better when Microsoft introduces its new storage plan next year.
  • The upload and download speeds remain relatively slow when compared to its rivals.
  • Like it is the case with the other similar services that are in the market, you cannot be sure about the security of OneDrive.

Full OneDrive Review


Any OneDrive review will tell you that you can do a horde of different things using this service. However, one thing that most reviews miss is to explain to you how the specific features of OneDrive help you to do different things using the service. One of the things that I find exciting when using OneDrive is the fact that I can easily upload a bunch of files in one goes rather than having to do it repeatedly as it is the case at times. I am sure that this can help you save a lot of your precious time in that you do not have to shuffle between tabs to upload files repeatedly when you could spend the time doing something more productive.


OneDrive PricingOneDrive is mainly a free app. As long as you have a Microsoft account, you can access some of the essential features of this service. I think that Microsoft simply cannot figure out a way of charging you for the basic OneDrive services. However, if you want to access the most advanced features of the service, then you have to spend some money. For example, users of Office 365 have the advantage of accessing several advanced features of the service. You have to bear in mind the fact that Office 365 is not for free.

Disk Storage

One of the most common downsides of OneDrive is related to the amount of storage space that you can access. Microsoft has been trying to revise the space storage arrangements that its users can access. Currently, the fact that you can access up to 15GB of storage space all free of charge seems plausible.

Backup Solution

You can back up your files using this service. However, you should note that Microsoft seeks to scrap off the current arrangements in which you can store up to 15GB data on OneDrive for free. It also means that unlike the current arrangement under which you only need to pay about 2USD to get 100 GB of storage space and about 7 USD to get 1TB of space, you will have to pay way more than this for you to access OneDrive storage space.

Web App

Another interesting thing about OneDrive is that its web interface looks very attractive and highly functional. When you open the app, you only see a few tabs that help you sort your files, change the manner in which you view the files and perform some basic functions on them. So, when using this app, you do not get many tabs that may easily confuse you.


OneDrive CompatibilityIn my opinion, there are a few things that make OneDrive stand out from the crowd. One, you will hardly find any other rival of OneDrive, which you can use on multiple platforms. I believe the fact that I can use my OneDrive on my Windows, iOS or Android-based device makes it one of the most functional and useful services so far. In fact, the manner in which the service is compatible with many different devices makes it very attractive to many users.


I do not have any particular security-related issue in OneDrive. But then in this age, we have come to learn that many cloud services cannot be said to be 100% secure. We have not heard in public cases of specific cloud services falling prey to hackers, but then we cannot be sure, given that cloud computing is still in its nascent stage. However, I think the way that Microsoft works with NSA makes OneDrive completely secure and free from criminal activity.


As I conclude from this One Drive review, it is a fantastic service. Its compatibility with various devices, connection to Microsoft Office and the elegant design and functionality of its web app are some of the features that make it more attractive than its competitors. However, Microsoft needs to address the slow download and upload speeds and issues related to security.

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