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NordVPN Review

nordvpn review

NordVPN is based in Panama, one of the best countries regarding privacy and taxation laws. Therefore, NordVPN does not keep logs of the traffic of its clients because the authorities in Panama do not require VPN companies to keep records of the activities of their clients. This is one of the most important things about NordVPN. In this NordVPN review, we compare NordVPN with the other VPN services by evaluating its performance, reliability, and level of security.

nordvpn review


  • NordVPN does not keep log records of client traffic
  • It is very easy to set up the service and maintain it.
  • You can use up to six devices on a single account, and the connectivity speeds remain high.


  • The performance of NordVPN is not perfect as one would expect, given that the service charges for the monthly plan are expensive.
  • Clients who pay for the service using Bitcoin cannot get refunds.

Full NordVPN Review


The features of NordVPN are based on three fundamental needs of customers: to get unrestricted access to the internet, browse the web privately and remain secure when they are online. You can use NordVPN to stay completely safe online because the service encrypts your data and sends it via completely secure tunnels. Also, you can access any site when you use this service because many website servers cannot detect and block VPN servers. Lastly, you can use the service to remain private when browsing the internet.


nordvpn-priceNordVPN has three pricing plans: simple, standard and best offer. The simple plan costs $8 for every month of service. The standard plan costs $5 per month for six months. Lastly, the best offer plan costs $4 for every month that you use the service. You will have to pay for one full year for the best offer plan. We note that the cost of the simple pricing plan of the service is more than what the other VPN services in the market charge.


From a technical point of view, we find that NordVPN has a good server network capability. The service has server locations in more than 27 countries in different regions of the world. In total, the service has over 80 server locations. This enables the service to compete with its peers effectively.


NordVPN supports three types of encryption. The first one, which is one of the most advanced forms of encryption in use, is the SSL-128 Bit encryption. The other two, which are commonly used by many other VPN services, are the PPTP and the L2TP. Nord VPN uses these forms of encryption to encrypt your traffic and ensure that no one else can access your data.

Web App

You can use the web app of the service to change your server settings, refresh your connection, connect to and disconnect from the service.


nordvpn-compatibilityNordVPN is compatible with all the main operating systems available in the market. Therefore, you can use it on your devices that run on Windows, iOS or the Linux operating systems. You can connect up to six devices to the internet using your NordVPN account. Besides, when you do this, you will experience relatively good connectivity speeds. NordVPN also has different types of additional features for its clients. For example, it offers browser extensions which improve the level of safety of customers.

Payment Options

NordVPN accepts all the main payment methods: online wallets like PayPal, different types of credit cards and even Bitcoin.

Customer Support

You can get help from the client support team of the service either by using the ticketing system or the live chat functionality. The live chat feature is not available at all times. Besides, the ticketing system works well.

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