Nintendo Offers Hackers $20,000 to Find Bugs in 3DS

Nintendo is offering white-hat hackers up to $20,000 to find security flaws in its new 3DS device successfully. The company, which is one of the most successfully gaming pioneers, is running this current program in partnership with Hacker One, a leading platform for tech companies.

Nintendo Offers Hackers $20,000 to Find Bugs in 3DS
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Researchers and white-hat hackers will be required to detect security flaws in the 3DS device within the shortest time possible. They will then be required to submit their findings to the company and await the response of the company within three weeks. The company will then evaluate all the findings and choose those that it considers important and worth paying for.

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According to reports, the company is willing to go this extra mile for various reasons. First, it seeks to ensure that its customers have the best gaming experience when using the new device. Second, the company is concerned with the dangers of hacking. Therefore, by running a hacking bounty program, the company seeks to forestall any losses and risks it may suffer if hackers manage to breach the security of its device in the future.

Observers are of the opinion that Nintendo has been forced to take this step in response to the recent hacking attempts against 3DS. In the recent past, hackers have been trying to breach the security defences of the device.

On several occasions, Nintendo has been forced to issue software and firmware updates in a bid to protect its clients against possible hacks. However, so far, the company has not been subjected to any severe form of hacking.

What is likely to be of great concern is the manner in which the company intends to run the program. In the first place, hackers are only eligible for pay if the company evaluates and finds the flaws found on the device as genuine.

This condition means that Nintendo will still evaluate all the results of the hacking attempts before it decides which job is worth rewarding. This, according to observers, is likely to discourage new hackers from participating in the program.

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Second, the amount of money that Nintendo is offering is less than what other companies running similar programs have offered. However, given that the company is running this program on the 3DS device for the first time, it is likely to attract a broad range of white-hat hackers and cyber security researchers.

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Nintendo Offers Hackers $20,000 to Find Bugs in 3DS

Nintendo Offers Hackers $20,000 to Find Bugs in 3DS