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Mega Review

Mega Review

Many people know Mega cloud storage service because of the way its founder, Kim Dotcom, has been campaigning aggressively for individuals privacy rights and freedom of speech issues. In the following Mega review, I look at what makes the service unique when compared to other cloud storage services.

Mega Review


  • Because of the strong privacy policies, all data is strongly encrypted and secured.
  • Relatively affordable prices.
  • Users can access and use the cloud on different platforms.


  • When compared to its competitors, this review has relatively few features.
  • Many new users may find its features and functionality complicated.
  • Many users may find the storage plan a little restrictive

Full Mega Review


Many Mega reviews that I have seen fail to notice the uniqueness of the features of this cloud storage service. For example, I have seen that many reviewers fail to mention that as much as Mega cloud storage service has all the features that you will find in any other primary service, the standards of the features of this service are quite high. You can use this service to synchronize your basic tasks. The sync feature will help you to keep track of what you are doing while ensuring that you store all your information on the cloud. You can also use this service to share files and folders with the people that you are collaborating with. By doing so, will be able to work on tasks with your colleagues in real time.


You can use the free plan under which you will have 50GB free storage capacity and a limited bandwidth capacity. If you find this inconveniencing, you can choose one of the several plans to ensure that your work without any interruptions. For example, by parting with about $14, you can access 500GB of storage data and have a bandwidth of 1TB for per month. You can get up to 4TB of storage space and 8TB of bandwidth if you agree to part with about $40 per month.

Mega Pricing

Disk Storage when Using Mega Drive

You can upload all the files and folders that you would like to store in the cloud. Your data will then be encrypted in such a manner that hackers and other cyber-criminals will not be able to access it. There is one thing that Mega review fail to point out. When you store data on your drive, you do not completely lose the data. Interestingly, this approach is similar to backing up your data. The data remains in your PC, until when you decide to delete it and rely on the copy in the cloud.

Backup Solution

I think that the backup solution that Mega cloud storage service provides is something that works quite well. In the recent past, different companies have developed new apps. These apps are designed to help you to backup your data so that when your hard drive crashes or when something else happens, you are still able to access your data. The backup solution that Mega cloud storage service provides is quite functional and reliable. You can backup up your data and work knowing well that you are unlikely to lose your data in the event of any form of accident.

Web App

Mega has an excellent web app. The web app can run on many different platforms. For example, there is an app designed for Android-based devices. You can also use another app specially made for Blackberry. Furthermore, the web app of the service helps you to access the service and carry out the most basic functions while working on your mobile device. For example, you can use the app to upload automatically the photos that you take using your phone. However, I have noted that trying to do this may require you to enter your pin code repeatedly for security reasons. But then as I have noted, one of the downsides of Mega is that the security protocol is tight, and this can be a nuisance to new users.


Mega is compatible with very many devices. This level of compatibility means that you may use any device to access cloud storage service. To me, this is one of the features of Mega that make is very competitive in the market. There are cloud storage services which are compatible with only a limited number of devices. When a service is only available to specific operating systems, you have to check its requirements constantly before you attempt to access it using your device. The good news is that you do not have to do this when you are using Mega. The service has been built to run on nearly any type of modern-day mobile device.

Mega Compatibility


The security features of Mega make it stand out from many of its competitors. Many people think that Mega Ltd has done a relatively good job in designing security features in its flagship cloud storage service. I believe that the sound security features of the system are because of the belief of the founder in individual privacy and freedom of speech. Given that security is one of the main things that people worry about when it comes to cloud computing, I think that Mega Ltd has set excellent standards in the industry.

Customer Support

I think that so far, Mega company has done a fair job concerning customer support. One of the main things that it has done is to develop completely new features. For example, the company has introduced new chat and emailing features as part of the Mega cloud storage service. I think they believe that many people want to remain in touch wherever they are in this age of collaborative work practices. I am not sure about how this will play out soon.

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