October 29, 2016 Google Drive More Secure

4 Ways to Make Google Drive More Secure

You need to protect the security of your Google Drive at all times. In the current times, some clever cyber criminals target Google Drive accounts of users. Once a hacker gains access to your drive, you will be facing the danger of losing all your data. The loss becomes more dangerous if the data that you keep on your Google Drive is sensitive in nature. However, you can reduce the chances of hackers gaining access to your Google Drive account.

Google Drive More Secure
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4 Tips to Make Google Drive More Secure

Here are some of the most common and efficient ways you can use to make your Google Drive more secure:

  1. Don’t share information carelessly

Sharing folders and files with Google Drive is very easy. This has made a lot of account owners to forget the security implication of sharing their data carelessly. However, the security of your information should not be compromised in the name of sharing. Therefore, remember the following whenever you are tempted to share your information:

  • If you must share your file, do so with people you have complete trust in. Don’t share your information freely because you can. This means that you should ideally share information with people who you know very well and who you are sure that they cannot harm you.
  • You should also make it read-only. With this, nobody can overwrite your information without your permission. One way you can do this is sharing using the client of Android Google Drive.
  • There are times when you have to share information with people who you do not know very well. For example, when working on projects, you may have to share files with some of your team members. The best approach, in this case, is to avoid sharing very sensitive information.
  • Also remember not to share your personal details via your Google Drive. In fact, Google warns its clients against submitting personal information via the cloud. Therefore, even when you have to complete a form and share it via the cloud, do not include sensitive information on the form.
  1. Consider wireless security

If the wireless network you are using is not secure, don’t use your Google Drive account. If you must use a wireless network, the first thing is to turn off the Wi-Fi. When that is done, use your 4G network to do whatever online business you want to do using your drive. That will give you more security than using an unsecured wireless network.

There are several reasons as to why you need to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks when you have to log onto your Google Drive account. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Some criminals can access your account and hijack it when you are using a public Wi-Fi network that is not secure. Remember that even if you are using multiple layers of security, hackers can still successfully access your account. Therefore avoid using your Google Drive when you are using a public Wi-Fi network.
  • In general, some public Wi-Fi networks are not secure at all. It is always a safe practice to keep off public Wi-Fi networks as a way of avoiding possible cyber security attacks.
  1. Use encryption

You can leverage the availability of different apps that offer encryption services. These apps offer you the opportunity of data encryption. If your data is encrypted, access will be with an encryption key. To ensure proper security, encrypt such folders or files with your device before you use them together with Google Drive account. The encryption standard used, RSA-4096 and AES-256, are reliable encryption services that offer good encryption for account holders.

  1. Use two-step verification

Two-step verification is simply an excellent way to make your Google Drive account secure. The verification process allows you to create another security plan to complement the use of password and username to access your account. This additional security layer will prove priceless as intruder will not gain access to your account without the third information. If you are yet to implement this plan, do it now and have the edge over cyber criminals who are hell bent on identity and information theft.


In conclusion, using two-step verification and being cautious when sharing files are important things you can do to make your Google Drive more secure. Also, you have to avoid public Wi-Fi networks to keep your Google Drive more secure. These are necessary steps that you need to use to protect your privacy, data, and even devices.

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