August 4, 2016 IPVanish Review

IPVanish Review

IPVanish is one of the most popular VPNs in the market. The service lets you access the internet anonymously and quite fast. The phenomenal growth of the service, since its launch several years ago, shows that the market rates it positively. In this IPVanish review, we examine some of the common features of IPVanish and evaluate the entire service concerning performance and other metrics.

IPVanish Review


  • The service is very fast and reliable.
  • The service has a zero-log policy in place.
  • It is compatible with different devices.


  • The pricing is slightly higher than the market average.
  • The customer support is not very fast and reliable as one would expect it to be.
  • We cannot verify whether the service observes the zero-log policy.

Full IPVanish Review


IPVanish allows you to torrent without any restrictions. The service also allows you to surf while being completely anonymous. This feature is an essential one for any VPN. More so, our tests indicate that IPVanish has a relatively high speed compared to its competitors. The high speed makes it possible for many users to rate the service as one of the best VPNs currently in the market.

IPVanish Pricing

We find the pricing of IPVanish slightly expensive than what its competitors charge. We think that the $10 per month price that they require their clients to pay is a lot. However, when you choose the six or even twelve months plan, the company gives you a slight price cut as compared to when you decide to take the one-month plan repeatedly.

IPVanish Price


IPVanish has over 500 servers in operation. They have servers in over 60 different countries in the various regions in the world. We think that this vast number of servers in different regions of the world is what gives IPVanish a global reach. Furthermore, we believe that the VPN is very efficient regarding speed and reliability because the company operating it invested a considerable amount of money, time and other resources to build a full network infrastructure system.


IPVanish uses 256-bit AES Encryption. This type of encryption is more advanced than the basic 128-bit one. By using a more advanced form of encryption, the company seeks to ensure that they protect all the data that you send and receive when using the network. Therefore, you can use IPVanish knowing very well that you are completely anonymous and that no one can detect or track you down.

Web App

The website of the VPN is easy and pleasant to use. It only contains information which the company believes is current and that the potential customers need. Furthermore, we find that the layout of the website is excellent. You can get the information very fast without wasting a lot of time navigating the site from one end to another. We also think that the official blog of the service is very rich and useful. You will get important updates and discussions by current users of the service.


This VPN is completely compatible with devices that use any of the following operating systems: Windows, iOS and Mac OS. Besides, you can use this VPN on any mobile device that runs on Android. In other cases, you may have manually to alter the configuration settings of the service to make it operate on individual devices. The bottom line is that IPVanish is compatible with very many devices.

IPVanish Compatibility

Payment Options

You can use different methods to pay for your IPVanish plan. At the lower part of the website is a list of all the payment methods that you may use to pay for the service. One thing that we think is interesting about the payment options that the company allows you to use is that you can use Bitcoin. We think that the fact that the company allows you to use Bitcoin to pay for the service says a lot about how the company commits to the values of VPN usage.

Customer Support

You can contact the company when you experience any difficulty when using the service. You will be required to submit your query using a ticket that the company generates for clients who need help. Once the team addresses the issue that you would have raised in the ticket, they send you an e-mail, asking you to check if they have adequately resolved your problem. However, we think that lack of the traditional chat functionality is one of the things that the company needs to address.

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