How to Setup TOR on iOS and Android Device? Here is how to go about it

TOR promises some goodies when it comes to privacy. With this service, you get to use the internet anonymously. If you own an iPhone or have an Android device, you may need TOR to make your web browsing anonymous. While both platforms offer private browsing natively, you can still be traced. TOR offers the best solution as it masks your IP address effectively. It is however not easy using this service on your mobile device. Lucky for you, this is how to setup TOR on iOS and Android.

install TOR on iOS and android
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How to setup TOR on iOS

iOS is the operating system that powers iPhones, iPads and iPods. This operating system, however, will not allow you to use TOR for the whole device. That is to say that only your browser can use TOR and not your other apps. The good news is that there are many potent browsers that are compatible with this service. You will just have to ditch the default Safari browser for this to work.

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  1. Fire up the App Store app on your device. Look for the blue icon with an ‘A’ in it.
  2. At the bottom of the App Store is a magnifying glass symbol for searching content. Fire it up.
  3. In the search field you are given, search for TOR by simply typing ‘TOR’ in it.
  4. On the list of suggestions that appear below the search box, tap on TOR since this is what we want.
  5. Find a browser that is enabled to use TOR. Among the best free options, one can get are the Onion Browser and VPN Browser.
  6. Tap on ‘Get’ or ‘Buy’ to start downloading the app you need. You may need to enter your password or Touch ID.
  7. The ‘Get/Buy’ button will change to ‘Install’ button. Tap it to start the download process to your device.
  8. While still in the App Store, the ‘Install’ button will change to the ‘Open’ button to show the download is complete. Tap on it.
  9. Connect the app to TOR if prompted. Some apps may need this authorization while others may not.
  10. You are now through with how to setup TOR on iOS. You can now enjoy anonymous browsing.

How to setup TOR on Android

The popular android operating system can also be configured to enjoy the privacy of TOR. To carry out these configurations, you will need to root your device. Rooting a device simply means allowing unrestricted use of its resources by removing the manufacturer’s limitations. The problem is that you will void its warranty after rooting. Also, you run the risk of bricking your gadget. Also, you need to allow for the installation of apps not from the Google Play Store.

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  1. First of all, you need to install the OrWall app on your device. This app can only be installed through downloading the OrWall apk file to your device then installing it. It works by channeling your app data through the TOR servers. You can launch the app then select the apps you need to use anonymously. In its reviews, this TOR app works like a charm.
  2. The other apps you will need is the Orbot app. It works like the OrWall app but may have a few restrictions on the apps you can use with it. To install it, you will still need to find the Orbot apk file. The workings of this app rely on channeling your app data through the TOR servers. You can thus attain anonymity in this way with your device. Our tests prove that it is great at what it does.
  3. To complete your anonymity efforts on android, you will need the Orweb web browser. Like the rest or the TOR apps on android, you will need the Orweb apk file for the installation. It is our most secure web browser. If your device is running older versions of android (not KitKat), then you need to try out the Orfox web browser which is an improvement over the Orweb one. It packs in tabbed browsing and more features.

The TOR service has proven its worth in keeping your internet anonymous. Most of the people using TOR use it with their computer which requires little other than a plugin. With the methods detailed above, you learn how to setup TOR on iOS and android. You can then use it the same way you use it on your computer. For iOS devices, you can root them to access the full potential of TOR.

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How to Setup TOR on iOS and Android Device? Here is how to go about it