How to Install Kodi on Mac

If you’re a Mac user, and you don’t want to pay for a cable TV, but you are interested in watching all of your favorite shows, live events, and the movies that you’ve been looking forward to, then we have a solution for you. All you need to do is download Kodi to install Kodi on MAC, and you’ll never have to pay for the cable TV again.

Install Kodi on Mac
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Kodi is a media player, one that will give you access to every TV channel or online media content in the entire world. It can be installed on and accessed from many different devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS. This time, however, we are going to concentrate on how to set it up while using Mac. So, as we said, if you’re a Mac owner & user, this guide is made for you.

Kodi has two things that will win you over instantly: amazing, user-friendly interface, and the fact that it’s so easy to set up. Even though it’s extremely easy to do this, we’ve decided to prepare a step-by-step guide to install Kodi on MAC, just so that there are no misunderstandings:

  1. Download the Kodi software, which is going to be a disk image
  2. Open the disk image
  3. Install Kodi, and drag its icon to Applications
  4. Launch the app
  5. At this point, you might get a warning that says “Kodi can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”. If this happens, you can deal with it in two different ways:
  6. Go to GateKeeper Settings, right-click (CMD+click) Kodi app and select Open
  7. Go to System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Allow applications downloaded from and select “Anywhere“
  8. That’s it, you have just finished the installation.

That is all there is to it, and you can now access anything you’ve ever wanted to watch instantly. You won’t need cable TV subscription, nor will you ever have the usual amount of problems that are always coming with it.

Best Kodi Addons in 2017

As an addition to our guide on how to install Kodi on Mac, we’re also going to recommend several add-ons that you might be interested in since they’re required in order to use Kodi to its maximum, so let’s have a look:

  1. Exodus

This is one of those that are considered to be of essential importance to every Kodi user. It’s very easy when it comes to setting it up, and it will provide you with the biggest amount of movies, live events, TV shows, and even pay-per-view streams, and also much more.

  1. SportsDevil

If you install SportsDevil, you’ll get access to hundreds of links that will allow you to watch sports events, and it does even more than that since, with it, you will be able to even watch live streams of your favorite channels. So basically, it’ll provide you with both your favorite sports as well as movies and TV shows.

  1. SALTS (Stream All The Sources)

SALTS is often described as a one-stop addon, since those who install this one first, usually don’t go looking for other ones. It has hundreds of working links that you can use for watching TV shows, movies, sports, pay-per-view events, live events and everything else that you might think of.

  1. Specto

This one is pretty much the updated version of Genesis, so you might think of it as Genesis 2.0. It’s as good as the original Genesis, and probably even better. It will definitely give you access to everything you’d want to watch in seconds.

  1. Plex

Plex is becoming one of the most popular add-ons that Kodi has. Its library is growing extremely fast, and it’s becoming the best media management addon that you can find. If you have a subscription for it, it’ll meet 100% of your expectations.

  1. Netflix

Yup, even Netflix add-on can be found on Kodi. Its library is vast and ever-growing, and with its original titles like Sense8 and Narcos, it’s bound to have you watching and trying to decide what to choose next for hours. It can literally make you feel lost among the shows, movies and other kinds of content that it offers.

  1. Hulu

Yet another add-on with an endless library that will have you trying to decide what to watch for hours, Hulu’s enormous popularity makes it another one of the best and most additions to your Kodi app.

As you can see, Kodi offers a lot, and both installation of the app and its add-ons is extremely simple. Furthermore, it will save you a lot of money that you’d otherwise spend on cable TV subscription, and it will provide you with access to any show, any movie, any video or event, all in a matter of seconds and at any time of night or day. So don’t wait, install Kodi on MAC and enjoy some of the best shows and movies that the internet has to offer.

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