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Improve Cloud Security: Four Important Tips

improve cloud security

If you are using a public cloud storage service, then you need to take charge in securing your data. This is the case even though you do not have direct control over the manner in which your cloud storage service provider secures your data. However, you can influence how your cloud storage service provider keeps your data. By so doing, you can help to improve cloud security. Here are a few tips:

improve cloud security
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Use a third party encryption service

Your cloud storage service provider will give you specific encryption methods. You will have to choose one which you think suits your needs. When you rely on your cloud service provider to encrypt your data, it means that you do not have access to the encryption keys. This is a limitation because it makes you feel that you do not have full control over your data.

You can overcome this limitation by talking to your service provider about having access to the encryption keys. Alternatively, you can enlist a third party to encrypt your data when you are moving the data to and from the cloud. Using a third party to encrypt your data is expensive. However, it helps you gain control over the encryption keys used to encrypt your data.

Collaborate with your service provider to check for weaknesses

The field of cloud computing is constantly in flux. Service providers always improve their service offerings. The companies are motivated by the need to provide very competitive services to you as well as the need to respond to emerging weaknesses.

Always collaborate with your service provider to regularly scan your system for any weakness. Many service providers provide tools that you can use to assess your level of vulnerability. The tools then generate detailed reports that you can share with your service provider to determine areas of weakness. Based on the reports, your service provider will suggest specific measures that you and the service provider can take to improve your cloud security.

Check how your service provider handles your cloud security

When you choose to work with a particular cloud storage service provider, you should assess how they manage your security. The best way of determining the level of attention that your cloud storage service gives to security is to analyse the agreement you sign. Check the encryption methods that they use on client data.

Also, remember to ask questions about their disaster management plan. A good service will always have a very comprehensive plan of how it will respond in the event of a disaster. Given that no one can guarantee your 100% security when you store your data in the cloud, having an emergency management plan is important.

In addition to this, remember to check how your service provider handles privacy issues. Ask your service provider for details about how they log your data and what happens when you delete your data. Remember that your service provider will be handling data belonging to your client. This has a direct impact on your business. Therefore, get as much information from your service provider as possible when signing the agreement.

Stick to your security protocols

As much as your cloud storage service uses advanced methods to keep your data safe, you also have a role to play in the process. Your employees will have access to the data that you store on the cloud. It is possible for internal mistakes to undermine your cloud security. Therefore, you need to put in place very strict security measures. More importantly, you need to enforce these security measures and make sure that your employees follow them at all times.

For example, make sure that you use very strong passwords for your accounts. Also, keep changing the passwords to minimise chances of falling victim to typical hacking attacks. In addition to this, you need to use very strong passwords. It is better to avoid common passwords mistakes that many people make when creating and maintaining passwords for your accounts.

Ensure that you have tight control over the employees who have access to your cloud storage services. This way, you will minimise the chances of one of your staff committing a security breach which may affect your cloud storage safety.


In conclusion, you are responsible for the safety of the data your store on the cloud. You must improve cloud security when signing the initial agreement with your cloud storage service provider. Also, remember to check for vulnerabilities constantly. Lastly, maintain control over your employees who have access to your cloud storage services.

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