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iDrive Review

You can use iDrive to sync your files on all your devices, access them from anywhere and edit them as long as you have access to internet connectivity. In this iDrive review, we look at the specific features of iDrive and compare them to those of the other cloud storage services in the market in general.

idrive review


  • IDrive has very high upload and download speeds.
  • The syncing process is smooth, fast and reliable.


  • The storage space is limited.

Full iDrive Review


IDrive has all the fundamental features of a cloud storage service. Clients can use their accounts to store files in the cloud. Customers can choose to store files in the cloud entirely or keep copies of the stored files on the hard drives of their devices. Files stored on the hard drives remain accessible offline.

Clients can share files on iDrive. File sharing makes it possible for clients to collaborate on projects by editing files from different locations using different devices.

You can also recover all your lost files using the service. You can use the special features of the service to restore lost files. Therefore, the service works well as a backup option for all your data.


IDrive has an attractive pricing plan. To use the service for one year, it costs $59.50. This pricing plan covers up to five different devices and gives you access to 1TB of storage space. Therefore, whether you use a single device or five different devices, you will still have to pay $59.50 to access this service.

idrive-review-priceWe find that this pricing plan is advantageous for two main reasons. One, if you divide the total amount by five different devices, you realise that the average price of accessing the service is similar to what other services charge.

Two, iDrive offers its clients amazing discounts. If you are purchasing the plan for the first time, you will get price cuts.

Disk Storage

You need to keep in mind two things about the disc storage capabilities of iDrive. The first one is that iDrive has excellent uploading speeds. Results of tests show that you can upload your files on iDrive much faster than you can do on many other cloud storage services in the market.

The second thing is that you can restore your files in the cloud very fast. You can upload or restore your files using any device connected to the service.

Backup Solution

In our opinion, iDrive offers very competitive backup solution services, regardless of the limited storage space of 1TB. For individuals and small businesses, the 1TB storage space is enough to backup all the essential files.

Web App

You can use the web app of the service to carry out basic functions on your account. For example, you can use it to upload or download files stored in the drive. You can also edit files stored on the drive and share them with your team members.


idrive-review-compatibilityiDrive is compatible with devices running on any of the main operating systems.


IDrive encrypts your data using the 256-Bit AES method. This encryption system is one of the most advanced systems currently in use. However, you need to bear in mind the fact that after iDrive encrypts your data, it keeps the encryption keys. Hence, the security of your data remains in the hands of iDrive, so to speak.

Customer Support

iDrive has a well informed and highly responsive customer support service. You can access the team using the traditional ticketing system. Alternatively, you can chat with a representative. The chatting feature does not work on a 24/7-basis.

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