How to Prevent Identity Theft – 7 Best Methods

In this current era of information sharing and internet cases related to Identity theft are most rampant, and you can hear news related to it everywhere be it your TV or your radio. In fact, there is a report by Javelin Research whose findings says that there is an incident of identity theft every three seconds, and the frequency of such events is only increasing with time. Fortunately, there are ways for identity theft prevention and how to prevent identity theft.

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Maintaining Anti-Virus to Prevent Identity Theft

Installing unwanted programs on your machine and then carrying out the deed of identity theft protection is the most widely used method by the cyber criminals. Cyber criminals use various methods to send such unwanted programs to the victim’s machine; the most commonly used method is sending emails having links and attachments that when clicked, installs the malware on your computer.

Further, the malware is used by the cyber-criminal as a key logger on your computer in order to find out your passwords, hijacking your online sessions and for several other illegal activities.

Having an up-to-date anti-malware and anti-virus software on your machine is one way of identity theft prevention, but you should also avoid storing too much of information on your machine so, next time when you are asked to save password of your online banking just decline the request.

Avoid Over-Sharing on the Social Networks

A 2011 report says that longtime social networking users are at twice the risk of identity theft than those who are new to social networking. Those who share too much of information about themselves and their family are more likely to be victims of identity theft.

This is another step how to prevent identity theft, the users should not be sharing too personal and genuine information regarding themselves and their family, information such as exact date of birth are crucial. Also, you should keep the privacy setting to the maximum and should also avoid contact with unknown and suspicious people on the social networking sites.

Ultimately, it could be said that the user will have to weigh the benefit of sharing the information or not sharing so, in the end, it is the choice of the user himself.

Passwords must be Strong

The user must create a strong password for several online activities and websites, by strong password we only mean that the password must contain lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols wherever the use of all these is allowed.

Also, your password must not be something that could be found in the dictionary, use of a different password for different online activities is another efficient method of identity theft prevention.

Avoid Using Unsecured WiFi

Using unsecured WiFi also exposes you to identity theft threats because unsecured networks could easily eavesdrop, and in such a case the hacker will easily have access to your online activity. Thus, avoiding the use of unsecured WiFi network is another way on how to prevent identity theft.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Phishing Scams

Watch out for phishing emails which are delivered right to your inbox, bringing some heart pounding news which makes you so happy that you cannot avoid yourself from getting ensnared.

The cyber-criminals does everything to make the phishing emails as more persuasive, and they can so, pay attention to minute details and proceed with caution in order to protect yourself from identity theft.

Pay Close Attention to Credit and Bank Accounts

If possible, do check your bank account and credit or debit card statements on a daily basis, and trust me this is a good habit to protect yourself from identity theft. Reports say that new account holders are at a higher risk of identity theft than those of old ones, also frauds related to new accounts are not easy to detect.


Identity theft is one of the most rampant crimes and the crucial reason behind identity theft happens to be the negligent behavior of the user. Above we have made an attempt to summarize how to prevent identity theft. Several methods are also provided above that will help the user to prevent identity theft.

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