September 24, 2016 HideIPVPN DNS Review

HideIPVPN DNS Review

The goal of HideIPVPN Smart DNS service is to provide its clients with a cheap and convenient way of streaming content from geo-restricted sites. In this HideIPVPN DNS review, we examine specific features of this Smart DNS service and determine the extent to which it meets its intended objective.



  • You can get significant discounts if you choose the three-month, six-month or twelve-month pricing plans.
  • The service posts above-average speeds and overall performance.
  • You can pay for the service using any of the many payment options available.


  • At times, the customer support team of the service takes long to respond to requests.

Full HideIPVPN DNS Review


The features of HideIPVPN Smart DNS service are comparable to those of some of the best Smart DNS services in the industry such as Unblock-US, Unlocator Smart DNS and Strong DNS, among others.

The service has servers spread in different parts of the world. Clients use these servers to access nearly any site in any country in the world. Since some sites that stream content restrict their content to specific countries, you can use HideIPVPN Smart DNS service to access such sites and get the content. The servers of HideIPVPN Smart DNS service hide your real IP address and make it possible for you to stream content from any online content streaming website.


HideIPVPN Smart DNS service has three pricing plans. For the first plan, it costs $4.95 to use the service for any one month. If you choose this service, you will have to pay the amount of money for every single month. The second plan, the six-month plan, costs $22.95 per month.

hideipvpn-dns-priceHowever, you will have to pay for the entire six months for you to use the service. The last plan, the twelve-month plan, costs $38.95 per month on average. However, as it is the case with the six-month plan, you may have to pay the amount in full for you to use this service.


HideIPVPN Smart DNS service has a relatively strong server network. Its servers are spread in different countries across the world. Besides, the company running the service regularly expands its services by adding new servers to its portfolio. Thus, you can unblock any website with ease since your traffic will be handled by the server that is located near you.


All Smart DNS services do not encrypt the traffic of clients. This is the main difference between Smart DNS services and VPN services. VPN services encrypt client traffic and channel it through secure and dedicated tunnels. As much as this practice increases the level of security and privacy, it does reduce the overall speed that the clients of VPN service experience.

Therefore, if your goal is to unblock content from any geo-restricted website, then HideIPVPN Smart DNS service will help you achieve this goal without encrypting your data. If you use this service or any other good Smart DNS service, you will access your content at your standard connectivity speed.

Web App

HideIPVPN Smart DNS service has a beautiful web app. You can use the app to carry out all the functions on your account. For example, apart from the usual connection and disconnection functionality, the app has features that help you upgrade your pricing plan, change your preferences and monitor the overall performance of the service.


HideIPVPN Smart DNS service is compatible with the following devices: Roku, PS3, PS4, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV and devices that run on Android or Windows. For any of these devices, you can install HideIPVPN Smart DNS service relatively easy.

Payment Options

Once you decide to use the service, you can pay for your plan using any of these methods: any credit card, Pay Pal, Paypro, Google Wallet and even Bitcoin.

Customer Support

There are several ways of getting help from the client support team of the service. Before you even contact the client service team, you can check the FAQs section of the website of the service. Many articles in the section describe common problems that clients encounter when using the service.

Alternatively, you can contact the customer support team via the ticketing system. At times, it takes long for the team to respond to a request for information in detail. However, they do respond with helpful information.

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