August 14, 2016 Review Review has grown to become one of the most reliable VPNs in the market today. In this review, we look at how the service currently operates, its features and the things that make is one of the most important VPNs. Review


  • The service does not keep activity logs.
  • The service offers you very many protocols, and you can choose the protocol which suits your needs best.
  • The community of people who use the service is growing and very active. This vibrant community will help you to get updates and useful tips very fast.


  • We think that the pricing of the is slightly higher than what other services charge.
  • We are not sure about the extent to which the service is said to be one of the best concerning speed and overall performance.

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Like any other VPN, lets you conceal your identity and activity while online. It is an entirely private network that allows you to surf the internet without anyone identifying you or even your location. The number of people who are using is growing very fast. It is because of the high rate of growth in the number of customers that the service is expanding its operations to the global level.

Pricing of

You can choose a plan of this service which you think will suit your needs. There are three such plans. The first one is the free program. We do not recommend anyone to use the free program. We think that one may only use it for a limited time and as a way of evaluating performs. You may choose the premium or plus plans. Either way, you should be prepared to spend any amount of money ranging from $10 to $20. The actual sum of money that you will pay when you choose to use this service depends on the specific attributes of the plan that you want. Price


One of the things that has relied upon to fuel its global expansion is an increase in the number of servers. Currently, the service has about 115 servers in operation, and they are in different regions of the world. This large number of servers enables the service to operate very well in every part of the world. Further, the fact that the servers that the company uses allow P2P protocol makes it easy for customers to use the network to connect up to five devices at a given time.


Ideally, uses two types of encryption: the 128-bit and the 256-bit AES. The particular type of encryption that the service uses its different protocols varies widely. For example, the service uses the 256-bit encryption on the following two protocols: OpenVPN and IKEv2. For the other types of protocols, including SSTP and PPTP, the service uses the 128-bit type of encryption. Either way, we find that the way the company practices its encryption policy is satisfactory.

Web App

On the website of the VPN, you can do nearly all the things that you would want to do to install and successfully use the service. For example, when purchasing a particular plan, you will have to go through concrete steps while on the website. In our opinion, the steps are few and easy. However, we found that when you are setting up more devices, then you have to be careful when following the procedure to avoid committing errors.


It has a magnificent software app specially developed for devices which use the Windows Operating System. The service is compatible with all the main versions of the Windows Operating System that are available. If you are using an Apple device, you can still download a special app and use the service on your device. By developing specific apps for specific operating systems, the parent company of this service seeks to ensure that the service works on nearly all devices. Compatibility

Payment Options

You can pay for your service using any of the 40 methods that the company has approved for this very purpose. You can use the traditional credit card method or even your PayPal account. You can use other new ways to pay for your service, the most notable one being Bitcoin.

Customer Support

Should you run into problems when installing or using VPN, you can contact the client service team. We found that the team could help you solve nearly all the technical problems that you may experience when installing or using However, in other cases, we found that the team took slightly long to respond to our queries, and when they did so, they failed to provide comprehensive solutions.

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