Hackers Steal Data of Millions of Daily Motion Users

Hackers have managed to breach the database of Daily Motion, a leading video sharing site, and steal data of millions of users. According to Leaked Source, an online database that lists sites that have been compromised by users, unknown hackers have managed to access data of more than 85 million individuals who use Daily Motion. Leaked Source indicates that the hackers accessed email addresses, passwords and other forms of personal information from the hack.

Hackers Steal Data of Millions of Daily Motion Users
Credit: dailymotion.com

Another source, ZDNet, confirmed that more than 80 million individuals who use Daily Motion had lost their credentials to hackers. The source added that the hackers could easily use the stolen details to access other accounts that have similar login credentials.

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Daily Motion is one of the leading video sharing websites. With millions of users, the company has remained a key target for hackers for a long time. Hackers, in general, are interested in sites that have millions of users. They target such sites for the sole reason of accessing the data of the users and compromising the brand value of the business over the course of time.

It is not clear when exactly the hackers managed to breach the database of Daily Motion. However, credible reports indicate that the violation may have occurred back in October. According to a spokesperson of Daily Motion, the company says that hackers have stolen some of the personal data of its clients. The company says that it is committed to correcting the situation within the shortest time possible. ZDNet also believes that the data was stolen back in October.

Observers argue that Daily Motion cannot be blamed for the hacking. Daily Motion uses some of the most advanced encryption systems to protect the data of its users. For example, the company avoids the common systems of SHA1 and MD5 when hashing the passwords of its clients. SHA1 and MD5 are not highly secure methods of hashing passwords.

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Daily Motion uses a sophisticated system to hash its users’ passwords and other data. The company uses Bcrypt, a system that entails rekeying data more than ten times to keep the data of its users safe. However, it is not known how exactly the hackers managed to overcome such a sophisticated system and access the data.

As it has been the case with many other hacking incidents, those affected by the Daily Motion hack as asked to recheck their passwords and other login credentials that they use for their online accounts. It is important for users to change the passwords that they use for their different accounts as a way of preventing hackers from accessing other accounts of individuals by using the credentials stolen from the Daily Motion database.

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Hackers Steal Data of Millions of Daily Motion Users

Hackers Steal Data of Millions of Daily Motion Users