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Hackers Preyed on the Richest Private Membership Club in the UK

Hackers Preyed on the Richest Private Membership Club in the UK

A pub in London had been prey for an alleged attack on its customer’s personal financial information. This suspected security breach had been reported in Telegraph.

Hackers Preyed on the Richest Private Membership Club in the UK
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Lou Lou’s is a popular hangout for many of England’s wealthy individuals and rich celebrities. The hackers had attempted to steal information on the club member’s credit cards and bank accounts. These treacherous cyberpunks had penetrated the tavern’s member database so that they were able to send out phishing emails to its customers and deceiving them into providing their account information on behalf of the company. The conspirators were operating under the guise of the restaurant’s operations.

Some well – known are Hollywood stars are avid patrons of this joint. The celebrity couple, George and Jamal Clooney, are two of those acclaimed personalities. The two noblemen, Mick Jagger and Richard Branson, are also members of the club. Even the environment advocate and newly proclaimed Oscar best actor; Leonardo DiCaprio was sighted spending some time in this cocktail lounge recently.

The owner of this “Member’s Only” London hideaway, Robin Birley, already had entrusted the investigation of this cybercrime to the Scotland Yard. The attack took place the previous week. Robin Birley is a big shot in operating private membership bistros.

Reports show that many of its club members have responded to these phishing emails. The emails look very credible because it had been able to include one of the club’s authentic documents. The poor victims of this hack were persuaded their passwords to the membership accounts. Having acquired their password, the criminals were able to access their accounts and steal their payment card details which were recorded in the club’s member database.

Police authorities, after having received several complaints about the wicked plot, had declared a security breach on the Lou Lou’s computer system. They recommended the cybercrime victims to remove the email messages from their inboxes immediately.

The club is no ordinary watering hole for regular working individuals. It is the hangout of many billionaires and famous entertainment personalities not only in the United Kingdom but perhaps the world over.

Younger members of the club were able to distinguish the hoax. However, many of the other members of the club are seniors and are not quite adept with the shenanigans of the Internet world. Hence, they were easily deceived by these tricksters.

Lou Lou’s is indeed the most wanted pub in the industry. Despite is current member population, there still are about three thousand personalities waiting to get a spot in the club. Even though its membership at the club is quite expensive, these people are still more than willing to pay the price just to get themselves in.

The club revenue of more than a hundred thousand British pounds the previous year.

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