January 20, 2017 Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data

Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data

In an interesting twist of events, hackers have managed to hack into the security system of Darkode, an infamous malware and hacking tools marketplace.

Hackers Hack Darkode, Steal Users’ Data
Credit: U.S. Department of Justice / Wikipedia

Reports indicate that the hacking site suffered a massive attack after hackers managed to breach its security features and access the data of nearly all the individuals who use the site.

It is not clear how the hackers managed to access the site, however, a message posted by one of the people believed to be part of the team of hackers that penetrated the site details how the hackers found it easy to breach the security system of Darkode.

To all fake darkode wannabes, your site is now owned by us, and your administrators are having a difficult time now,’ the hacker, using a moniker, posted on social media.

The administrators of the Darkode have confirmed the incident.

One of the administrators of the site, using the pseudonym Bullets, has said that the site suffered a massive form of hacking attack and that the administrators are yet to establish the size of data that the hackers had made away with.

But independent reports show that the hackers managed to steal all the email addresses as well as IP addresses of some of the users of the site.

If the hackers managed to steal the IP addresses of users, it is highly likely that this may have compromised the security level of many users of the site. It is not clear how Darkode, a hacking site, could allow its users to use their genuine IP address, given how easy it is for authorities to tie IP address to the real identities of individuals if any form of crime is involved.

However, in a bid to prove their point, the hackers went ahead and leaked all the data that they stole from Darkode on LeakBase, a common site that provides up to date information about hacked sites. It has been reported that the data that hackers leaked to LeakBase has repeatedly been verified and that is of genuine users of Darkode.

So far, it remains to be seen whether another group of hackers will take control of the site once more. Darkode has a fascinating history in which multiple groups of hackers have controlled it over the course of time. Given the recent hacking, it is likely that another group may re-establish the site soon.

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