Hacker Leaks iOS Cracking Tools Used by Cellebrite

Last month January 2017, Cellebrite (Mobile Forensics Firm from Israel) revealed that an attacker has hacked close to a 900 GB of secure information from their server. Motherboard initially reported that the attacker is now throwing away alleged iOS bypassing tools online as a threat to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Hacker Leaks iOS Cracking Tools Used by Cellebrite
Credit: relexahotels / Pixabay

A cache of private data has now publicly released by the attacker who hacked the Cellebrite’s server. This contains code fragments connected to Cellebrite’s UFED that is illegally used to hack older iPhones. Alarmingly, BlackBerry and Android devices can be crack with the help of this technology to see phone messages, logs, photos, and much more.

The anonymous hacker says in a virtual interview with Motherboard,

The debate around backdoors is not going to go away, rather, its is almost certainly going to get more intense as we lurch toward a more authoritarian society. It’s important to demonstrate that when you create these tools, they will make it out. History should make that clear.

The anonymous hacker behind the hack wants to make it clear that the US heads toward a more dictatorial society with Donald Trump at the wheel.

The Data Dump

The information that the attacker dumped comes from the Cellebrite server, mined from Universal Forensic Extraction Device photos. The data had been protected, however, the attackers find a way to break down the encryption layers. As per stated by ReadMe file that escorts the data dump, a completely operating Python script set to utilize the activities, decrypted and ripped, is counted in the package which is shared on the Pastebin.

The cache of hacked data contains passwords and usernames from customers for logging into the databases of Cellebrite. There are also a huge list of directories for various mobile brands. The code which was found in the cache is same as the scripts developed to jailbreak iPhones and contains advanced versions of Apple software altered to bypass security on previous versions of iPhones. But it looks that the tool which was used for cracking Syed Farooq the San Bernardio Shooter were not leaked.

Alternatively, Cellebrite has cited that the hacked data contains just researched material for building new forensic ways. This is supposed to contain publicly available docs, research tools, and other common jailbreak studies. Speaking about the said hacked data, a spokesperson from Cellebrite says,

The files referenced here are part of the distribution package of our application and are available to our customers. They do not include any source code.

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Hacker Leaks iOS Cracking Tools Used by Cellebrite

Hacker Leaks iOS Cracking Tools Used by Cellebrite