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Hack Facebook Account by Simply Knowing Account Phone Number

Hack Facebook Account

If Facebook was a country, it would be the size of almost three the United States of Americas. With more than a billion users, Facebook is the most used social network. However, with the increase in the number of cyber-attacks, Facebook has been one of the most targeted platforms at the moment. The hackers have worked so hard that they have managed to hack Facebook account only knowing a simple phone number to the account. While it sounds simple on the surface, it is actually a bit more difficult than it is. Here, we get into the details of how it is done.

Hack Facebook Account
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The Irony of Security

When signing up for a Facebook account, your account will be in need of your phone number. It is both security measures and a way to allow you use your number to sign in. The two-factor authentication works with the phone number in place. However, hackers use this same feature meant to provide extra security as a loophole to enter a user’s account. They simply have to know how to exploit the SS7 (Signaling System Number 7) flaw to in their effort to access a specific Facebook account.

Signalling System Number 7

The SS7 is a protocol for allowing communication to take place between two points. It is used by at least 800 Telecom companies to carry out communication and other such purposes. For example, it is used to enable roaming and billing across carriers. It is also used by social networking services. So far, is has been used by hackers to execute many evil plans such as listening in on phone calls and tapping text messages. At the moment, it had also been proven a potent tool in hacking networks as long as they have a phone number linked to them. That is scary given the number of Facebook accounts with phone numbers.

The Signalling System Number 7 works by receiving and routing messages from one end of the communication channel to the other. However, its main flaw has been that it does not check for the identity of the sender or the recipient. For this reason, the protocol can be easily tricked to receive messages from one user to the wrong recipients. This has been the trick employed by the hackers to get into social media accounts. Also, it has been the way to accessing audio and text messages from users away from social media.

The focus of this exploit has been on the phone number since the SS7 protocol is reliant on the phone number. In this way, hackers have managed to hack even previously secure services such as those provided by WhatsApp and Telegram. It should be known that both Telegram and WhatsApp provide end to end encryption of messages and calls. However, harnessing this communication system has allowed hackers to listen in on the calls and freely check the messages sent over these platforms. Now, with the first of Facebook into using phone numbers, the social media giant has just joined the list of those to be hacked. It just became easier than before to hack Facebook account.

Hack Facebook Account – How It Is Done

Use the Signalling System Number 7 to hack Facebook account, it is a simple process. First, they look at the Facebook profile of the target to extract the number. After that, they simply go to the Forgot Account? page. Of course, Facebook will ask about any details they recall of the account. The email address and phone number are the most used identification. They simply provide the number to your account they would be obtained above. After that, they employ the SS7 flaw to divert the text message with the one-time password to their own number.

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How to Keep Your Accounts Safe

To prevent the hackers from hacking your Facebook account, simply do the following:

  • Obviously, avoid linking phone numbers to your social media accounts.
  • 2-factor authentication but without using text messages. Use your email address instead.
  • Use communication apps that don’t need a number to work.

Just like that, they can log into your account and do whatever they want. You can be using your Facebook account with a few other people without your knowledge. In fact, provided they do not do anything that raises your attention, they will simply leave the web page open to access it when they feel like it. This trick can be used to work with my service that requires SMS service to verify their accounts. For example, they can hack into email addresses, Twitter accounts and just about anything else.

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