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Google Drive Review

Google Drive Review

The following is a detailed Google Drive review. In it, I try to evaluate how this service compares with its closest rivals regarding features, pricing, and other characteristics.

Google Drive Review


  • I consider Google one of the pioneers in the cloud storage services business, and this gives Google Drive a slight edge over the rest of the services that are available in the market.
  • The uploading and downloading speeds are relatively high.
  • The web interface is beautifully designed to make it easy to use.


  • If you have a big number of files you would like to store on the cloud; then you will find the 50GB free storage space insufficient.
  • It is not easy to edit files when you are using the offline mode. Furthermore, you are allowed to use this feature on files that you convert to the format of Google.

Full Google Drive Review

Features of Google Drive

I think it is better to start off this Google Drive review by pointing out that Google Drive lets you do so many other things apart from just storing your files in the cloud. For example, Google Drive lets you synchronise your files on different computers. When you synchronise your files, you can work on a single file on completely different computers, as long as you remain connected to the internet. I also think that the Optical Character Recognition is a very useful tool that you can use to scan and identify images when using Google Drive.


You do not have to pay anything for you to access the vital services of Google Drive. As long as you have a Google account, you can sync your files, upload documents onto your drive and store your files and folders on it. However, if you wish to access more storage space, then you have to pay a monthly fee. The price for additional storage varies with the amount of space that you decide to buy. You may also have to pay for other extensions such as the newly unveiled Microsoft Office.

Google Drive Pricing

Disk Storage

I think that it will be gross if I fail to mention in this Google Drive review the manner in which you can access and increase your disk storage. You are allocated a 15GB storage space the moment you access this service. I consider this size of space quite enough for the essential services. Furthermore, you can manage the space that you use to store your data by either converting files to specific formats or only creating files using Google Drive. To me, storage capacity is not an issue here.

Backup Solution

You can automatically backup your files using Google Drive features. However, I believe that for you to enjoy the backup services, you need to use any one of the paid storage capacity plans and not the free plan that only allows you to store 50GB of data.

Web App

The web app for Google Drive is quite pleasant regarding appearance. I think the company has borrowed the minimalist philosophy from elsewhere, and they are using it well to make sure that their products are the essence of simplicity. Users get a well-designed page which contains the essential tools. I also believe that the simplicity of the design of the web app of Google Drive complements its unique functionality. It is easy to access and use the folders and files when working on this service.


Google Drive remains highly compatible with multiple operating systems. The high level of compatibility of this service allows you to use any of devices when accessing it. I think that this makes work very easy, to say the least. But what I consider the most important compatibility-related feature of this service is that you can use it to edit and store documents created by any other system. You can use special extensions to convert documents that have been set up using Microsoft Office, for example to a format that lets you play around with your documents while on Google Drive.

Google Drive Compatibility


Your password will protect the files that you store on Google Drive. In any case, this is the basic level of security that any cloud storage service must have. Experience has taught us that it is still tough for hackers to access cloud storage services and steal the data stored in the cloud. I do not want to argue that it is practically impossible for hackers to breach clouds; however, we can safely bet on the belief that the encryption procedures that the likes of Google use on their clouds are enough to protect our data.

Customer Support

Google has been known to offer excellent customer support, regardless of the fact that they are now a huge company. The company provides excellent support to the Google Drive customers. I think that the speed with which they respond to issues is something commendable.

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