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How to Get Netflix Free Trial Forever

Netflix is the current media content provider which has gained extreme popularity around the globe in just a few years; they currently host around 100,000 titles in their media library which is subsequently offered to around 25 million users all around the world. However, in the beginning, Netflix was only available for users in the US, but now they have started to expand their services all around the world. As it is with most of the reputed services, Netflix also offers one month free trial for its new users and after the trial is over the service only costs around $8.99 for a month. No worries we are going to discuss how to get Netflix free trial forever in the guide below:
get Netflix free trial forever

The Need to get Netflix Free Trial Forever

The monthly Netflix charges may not be much for users residing in the developed countries. However, it is too much for the users who are living in third world countries, and they just cannot afford this much money for Netflix.

In such a case what they want is for the Netflix free trial to last forever without having them to pay any charges, which means they want to keep renewing the free trial lease for free. And we are glad to say that enjoying Netflix free trial for forever is very much possible, and we are going to describe the method below.

Primary Step for Getting Netflix Free Trial

The first and the foremost step to get free Netflix is to make sure that Netflix is available in your home country. Because Netflix is only available in some countries. But don’t give up just yet because even if Netflix is not available in your country, you can always access Netflix with the help of HideMyAss VPN service.

1 – VPN to Unlock Netflix

Once you get HMA subscription all you have to do is to connect the VPN. Select a US server, this will assign you a US IP address thus allowing you to access Netflix from your home country.

2 – Netflix Signup

The next step that you have to follow is to sign up for the free trial on the Netflix website to get free Netflix. For this, you will need a brand new Gmail account and it advised that you use a separate Gmail account for Netflix, once done verify the email address.

3 – Use Fake Credit Card Details to Signup

Once done with the above steps, the website will request you to enter your credit card details because once your trial period is over, they will charge the fee from the credit card. So, it is advised that you provide them with fake credit card details, you can directly generate fake credit card details on

Once you have provided the credit card details, you can begin your membership and the free trial for one month.

4 – New Gmail Account

Remember in the beginning we advised that you should only use a separate Gmail account for signup on Netflix; it was because the unique feature that Gmail offers to its users. So, even if you have misspelt your Gmail address you, emails will still be delivered to you.

Another way to get Netflix for free even when your free trial has ended is to make a new Gmail account and do the whole above mentioned sign up process again, and you can keep enjoying Netflix for free over and over again.


At the expiration of every month of the free trial all you have to do is to sign up for a new Netflix account. You should not use your real name and any actual contact information while signing up for the service, also do not use actual credit card details.

The above-described method is merely a rinse and repeat process which will help you get Netflix free trial forever.

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  1. But Netflix asks for the expiration date and verification code of the Credit card and that site doesnt have that info…… So it doesnt work

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