December 19, 2016 Get American Netflix on Android

Get American Netflix on Android in 5 Simple Steps

There are several reasons as to why you may have to get American Netflix on Android device. In the first place, you need to bear in mind that Netflix streams different content to its clients in different countries. Therefore, the content that Netflix streams to its customers who are in the United States differs from what it streams to its customers in other countries. Two, although Netflix now streams to different countries in the world, the Netflix show list for the United States is by far comprehensive. Therefore, many people still desire to access Netflix US, regardless of their location.

Get American Netflix on Android
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5 Simple Steps to Get American Netflix on Android

Here is how you can get American Netflix on Android device:

1. Choosing the right VPN service to use

The first step in the process is to choose a VPN service that you will use. A VPN service helps you to unblock the content that Netflix streams to its clients in the United States. In general, you cannot access this content because of the geographical restrictions that Netflix places on its content. Therefore, for you to access the content, you have to overcome the restrictions using a VPN.

Although there are several other methods that you can use to overcome the restrictions, a VPN is the best alternative for various reasons. In the first place, a VPN helps to secure your data far much better than either a smart DNS or a proxy server. Second, a VPN helps to keep you completely anonymous when you are online.

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Given that there are very many VPN services in the market, you will have to be careful when choosing one. You may have to consider factors such as the pricing plans of the service, the number of servers that the service has and the specific security features that the service uses. You may also have to take into consideration the general opinion of users about a specific service. This will guide you into choosing a service that is suitable for your needs.

2. Sign up for the VPN service

Once you have settled on a specific service, you will have to sign to configure your device. At this stage, you will have to pay for the specific pricing plan that you intend to use. Nowadays, many VPN services allow their clients to pay for the services using various methods. For example, you can even pay for the services using any of the most common types of cryptocurrencies.

3. Configuring your device

You will then have to configure your android device so that you can connect to the internet using your VPN account.  It is easy to set up any device to use a specific VPN service because many VPN services work on multiple platforms. Therefore, whether your device is running on Windows or iOS, you can easily configure it so that you can connect to the internet via your VPN account.

4. Signing up for the Netflix US account

You will have to sign up for a Netflix account. Remember to visit the Netflix account under the cover of your VPN account. Also, remember to use an American IP address when visiting the site. You can get an American IP address by changing the location settings of your VPN account.

In this case, you will have to change your location to show that you are in the United States. This way, your VPN service will give you a unique US-based IP address that you can use to access the Netflix US content.

5. Choose the most suitable pricing plan

Netflix has several pricing plans for its clients. The pricing plans vary regarding the number of shows and movies that clients can access in a month, the amount of money that clients pay and how the clients can view the shows. Depending on your budget, choose a service that best suits your needs.

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You will then have to choose a payment method. Remember to use an American credit card that is if you have to pay for the Netflix service using a credit card. If you choose to use your PayPal account, make sure that you use an American PayPal account as well.


In conclusion, the most important things that you need to do to get American Netflix on Android device are to get a US IP address using a VPN and to sign up for Netflix US. Once you get these two things right, you will be able to access the content that Netflix streams to its clients in the United States.

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