‘FLTER’ Promises to Shield You From Online Syping and Prying Eyes

We are all aware of the meaning of cyber security and privacy, however, not all of us make the struggle to shield our data and information. Why? As it can seem so damn complex. A new firm wanna simplify online protection with ‘Flter’. A modest network gadget that the company claim will “filter” the web. The company started a Kickstarter promotion to gather support.

'FLTER' Promises to Shield You From Online Syping and Prying Eyes
Credit: Flter via Twitter

Flter founder, Peter DiPreta said,

We found that there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to protecting your online privacy. We created Flter to provide essential privacy services with a very user-friendly interface. Our goal was to offer a privacy and security solution that everyone could use, regardless of their technical abilities.

The device enables 3 security and privacy features bundled into 1.

  • First, the Flter allows a VPN connection allowing customers to connect to their personal VPN, encrypt home network, or use 1 offered by the firm.
  • It helps to keep cyber activities anonymous via accessing to the Tor network.
  • Finally, the Flter keeps ads and malware at bay.

Although none of the features is exclusive – actually, we already have the backed up on our smartphones and computers – however, the package setup is intended for ease.

The founder said,

There are alternatives to providing network-wide VPN protection in your home, but it is much more hands-on and very easy to mess up. Those alternatives also don’t offer the flexibility Flter does with Tor integration and active web protection.

The main and foremost concern with a VPN is ‘TRUST’ and Flter is a lot more trusted. The firm stated this is part of the aim why it applied for TOR support, just because of another layer of encryption.

The device looks like a promising gadget for folks who have a difficult time wrapping their around internet privacy, and it is gathered a lot of appreciation on Kickstarter. The campaign will be carried out for few more week, almost 400 backers have vowed nearly $60,000. The good thing about the device is, it is available with 1 year free VPN service for only $100.

But, the company’s claims have yet to be self-sufficiently verified. The firm has accomplished its own internal penetration testing – however, will delay until the promotion has finished to publish and run 3rd party testing.

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'FLTER' Promises to Shield You From Online Syping and Prying Eyes

‘FLTER’ Promises to Shield You From Online Syping and Prying Eyes