Learn the Art of Fixing Cyber Security Vulnerabilities

Understanding the nature of cyber security vulnerabilities is the first step in protecting your systems against attacks. Hackers are continuously developing new tactics of carrying out their attacks. However, the basics of any cyber security attack remain the same. The similarity in the aim of the attacks is because of the features that all systems have in common.

fixing cyber security vulnerabilities
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However, hackers can change their approaches and tactics when conducting attacks. Therefore, understanding the basics of cyber security and how hackers try to exploit some of the vulnerabilities of your systems is important.

Fixing cyber security vulnerabilities

Here is a simple guide on how you can go about fixing cyber security vulnerabilities:

Exposure of very sensitive information

Exposure of very sensitive information is one of the most common forms of vulnerabilities for nearly all systems. For any system, some forms of information should never leak to the public. For example, a company may treat some information about its performance or its employees as very sensitive data. Also, a hospital, in another example, may treat patient data as very important and, therefore, sensitive data.

Hackers can glean on sensitive data and even end up stealing it because of some complicated technical features that make your system vulnerable. If hackers manage to access your sensitive data, they may end up destroying your reputation in the business. Therefore, it is necessary to fix this vulnerability in your system.

One of the things you can do to fix this vulnerability that is associated with losing sensitive information is to ensure that you encrypt your data. There are very many methods you can use to encrypt your data, depending on your technical capacity. However, when you encrypt your data, you make it impossible for hackers to access it.

Injection-related vulnerability

There are three things that you need to keep in mind when considering how to fix injection-related vulnerabilities: XPath, SQL and XML Parsers. Hackers have made a habit of taking advantage of the weaknesses of these features to carry out major cyber attacks. In most cases, hackers use when you transfer data which is not trusted to an interpreter. The hackers then can cripple your entire system through attacks that target these features of the system.

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There are very many ways that you can use to fix the injection-related vulnerability. The first one is to ensure that users only have permission to carry out their duties. You should limit the permission that your users have when they log onto the system. If users have permission to perform a lot of activities when they are logged onto the system, you increase the chances of falling into one of these attacks. However, if you limit the privileges of users, you reduce the chances of these forms of attacks occurring.

You should also ensure that your users use the common methods that are available to prevent other users from creating fake SQL queries. This will go a long way in protecting your system from this particular vulnerability.

Mis-configuration of the security settings

For any system or device, the security systems should be running properly for the user to be secure, in certain cases, the security settings of a device may not be running properly. Improper security settings on a device or even system make it easy for hackers to attack you.

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your security configurations remain proper at all times. The first one is to make sure that all your devices have up to date antivirus and other internet security software programs. The second thing you can do is to ensure that only the applications that you are using are the ones which you run on your devices. This measure implies that you should avoid running applications that you are not using at any given time.

Authentication vulnerabilities

Authentication vulnerabilities occur when users on your system lose their credentials to potential criminals. Criminals usually take advantage of the situation in which users lose their connection mid-session. Also, a hacker can benefit from the situation in which the authentication process fails to work properly. In such a case, hackers can pretend to be genuine users and gain access to your system.

The best way of fixing this vulnerability is to tighten your authentication process (two-factor authentication). This will make it impossible for hackers to steal sessions or to impersonate genuine users. You can also ensure that you fix all the XSS errors on your system to ensure that users do not lose their sessions often.


In conclusion, all systems have common vulnerabilities. Users can take advantage of the vulnerabilities to attack your system and cause a lot of damage. The best you can do for fixing cyber security vulnerabilities like a misconfiguration of the security settings and authentication vulnerabilities.

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