July 23, 2016 fix Netflix proxy error

Various ways used to fix Netflix proxy error

fix Netflix proxy error
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Ever since Netflix came in and banned people from getting the content that might not be available from their geographic location, VPN’s use rose. And Netflix seeing that people had been using VPNs to circumvent the restriction then put a ban on VPNs altogether.

The VPN ban and proxy service ban brought discontent amongst the VPN faithful and also Netflix customers from other companies who felt they were being sold short on the Netflix content in their countries. Many believe the step by the streaming service is not the best option when it comes to blocking users who are watching content that is not available in their country.

Others on the other hand who support Netflix, say that the move is vital and is a crack at piracy that has been rampant all over the world. But this is not the case. What Netflix is doing is essentially making users pay for the shows they don’t want to see, but the ones they clearly want to see, which users all over the world are using VPNs for, are not available in their countries.

If you pay for a service, then it translates to you being a legal consumer of the service, which means that you should also be having the freedom to do with the service as you want.

The issue with the VPN ban was noticed in Australia when users of the uFlix service noticed some problems. uFlix gave a statement which said that some of its users were clearly experiencing problems when trying to view non-Australian content. The company expected the number of disgruntled users to grow, and they said they would work on new ways to get the new measures out of the way.

Users who were making use of the VPNs and tried to get the non-Australian content got a message which read, “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

How to fix Netflix proxy error

Thankfully, a problem that comes always has a solution to it. It is one of the desirable human characteristics, and it has been applied here also. Fixing the Netflix proxy problem is also solvable. The actual act of fixing the problem might be tenuous, and require some extra carefulness together with deeper research, but itS doable. A narrower filter has been applied to the method since Netflix has been strict on the use of VPN’s and SmartDNS on the streaming service.

Bad service providers on Netflix have been singled out from the good ones. To do this, Netflix used the criteria to distinguish which group of service providers respected their VPN ban rule and those that were non-compliant. However, there are still a few VPNs and proxies that Netflix has not banned yet from its services, and they are still supported. Whether the plan is to use the VPN or the SmartDNS option, it is best to see the Netflix proxy server error solutions below.


If the proxy error comes and you are using a Virtual Private Network, it is best for you to use the ExpressVPN. It is one of the best VPNs still supported by the streaming service. They still continue to support the US content service and all this despite the new regulations and rules by Netflix. There is no Netflix proxy error if this VPN is applied.

ExpressVPN is also desirable in that it comes with an SSL secured network and 256-bit encryption; it has servers which are located in 100 cities and has well over 78 countries. They also have an affordable price range for a month and have a 30- day full money refund guarantee. ExpressVPN also has apps for the Android system, iOS X running devices and also on many other platforms. A 5-star customer support is a present, and unlimited bandwidth is also present.


If it’s a SmartDNS you prefer, one of the best still available on the market and that can be used to watch free shows is the Unlocator. It comes in cheap at $4.99 a month or for a discount price of $49.90 per year. It is highly affordable and is fully compatible with the devices on hand together with all its operating systems. A free trial is also available for the whole week so that you can get familiar with the features and functions.

There are no third party DNS servers, and no one can snoop on your online activities. There is no encryption on the service. Therefore you do not have to worry about lagging issues and all the speed problems caused by high encryption. On top of Netflix, there are also many other services that the SmartDNS can be used to unlock.

Both of these methods can fix Netflix proxy error, and it all depends on your choice of service. They also work on many devices so that they can fit the user base.

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