F-Secure Antivirus Review

In this brief F-Secure Antivirus review, we examine how the program performs about detecting and neutralizing different types of malware. We then give our opinion on whether you should count on F-Secure as your primary antivirus software program for your devices.

F-Secure Antivirus Review


  • F-Secure can successfully detect and block the most common types of malware thus protecting you.
  • The pricing plans are relatively cheaper than those of its competitors.
  • The program utilizes very little resources when running on your computer.


  • F-Secure does not have an inbuilt anti-phishing software capability.
  • Tests indicate that at times, F-Secure fails to differentiate between genuine software and malware successfully.

Full F-Secure Antivirus review


F-Secure protects your computer by relying on the Deep Guard cloud technology. The Deep Guard is a database of all known and new types of malware. The antivirus program works by evaluating any potential threat by referring to the database. Results of the evaluation indicate that the program can flag a program as malicious or not malicious. It then proceeds to block malicious programs while only scanning and verifying those that it judges as safe.

Like any other anti-virus program, F-Secure protects you against different types of internet-based malware. It also protects your mail by constantly scanning all the attachments that you send and receive via email. The program also has additional features that protect your browser against particular types of malware.


f-secure-antivirus-priceOn average, it costs $60 to protect your device using the F-Secure antivirus program. We compared this price to what other leading anti-virus programs such as Kaspersky and Symantec Norton charge; we found that the $60 price is average. Besides, you can try the program for 30 days before making the final decision on whether or not you would like to buy the full package.


The measure of security of F-Secure antivirus program lies in its ability to protect you from different types of malware. In general, we find that this program can successfully detect and block a wide range of malware. For example, it can successfully detect spyware and block this type of malware from wreaking havoc to your online privacy. It can also successfully block keyloggers. Given that keyloggers malware is one of the most critical classes of cyber threats, we think that the ability of F-Secure to protect clients against keyloggers makes the program one of the best in the industry.


F-Secure automatically updates its database when you are online. The automatic update process consumes very little resources. In practice, you will not feel any strain on your device when the program is updating.

Similarly, the program consumes little resources when you run a full scan. When you install any new program on your device, F-Secure automatically starts to run a full root scan of your system. You will not experience slow speeds when the program is fully scanning your device.

Web App

The interface of F-Secure has three main areas: that for tasks, the other for statistics and the last one for status. You can monitor your overall level of security by checking the status. When your computer is in any form of danger, the status bar indicates this and offers you options of remedying the situation. The statistics show the overall level of performance of your computer as well as how you use the antivirus program. Lastly, you can carry out specific tasks such as scanning your system and even pausing the antivirus program by accessing the tasks section of the web app.


f-secure-antivirus-compatibilityF-Secure is compatible with all the common operating systems including the following: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux and others. Therefore, you can easily install the program on any of these devices and use it for your protection.

Payment Options

Once you decide to use F-Secure, you can pay for your plan by Pay Pal or your credit card. F-Secure accepts all the different types of credit cards in the market. Therefore, paying for the service is easy and convenient.

Customer Support

Installing F-Secure on your device is an easy process. However, you may face difficulties when either installing or using the service. When this happens, you can contact the client support team either by the live chat feature on the website of the service or by the ticketing system.

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