August 6, 2016 ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services in the industry. In the following ExpressVPN review, we look at specific aspects of the service and evaluate its performance.

ExpressVPN Review


  • The service has an excellent network of servers in more than 75 countries.
  • The service has very attractive pricing plans.
  • The speed of the service is above the industry average.


  • The customer support team does not work on a 24/7 basis as the company running the service claims.
  • We are not sure about whether the speed of the service is superb as the company running it claims.

Full ExpressVPN Review


ExpressVPN works by allowing you to connect your devices to the service and access the internet in an entirely virtual and private network. When you use the service, you can surf the web in a secure environment and remain completely anonymous. The service, like any other VPN, has very many servers in different countries in the world. These servers encrypt the data that you send when you access the internet. When the servers encrypt your data, you can surf the internet as an anonymous entity. Anonymity is the main attractive feature that you get when you choose to use any VPN service.


ExpressVPN has three pricing plans. For the first one, you can connect multiple devices to the VPN after you pay $12.95. For the second plan, you will have to pay only $9.99 for every month to access the service for six months. The third plan costs $8.32 per month for twelve months. We do not find anything unusual with this pricing plan. If anything, we think that this plan is slightly lower than what other VPNs charge.

ExpressVPN Price


The strength of any VPN service is in the number of servers. A VPN service that has a large number of servers is likely to provide very good services. On the other hand, a VPN service that has a small number of servers is likely to provide services which are of average quality. ExpressVPN has a large number of servers. The most important thing is that the servers are in 78 different countries across the world. Because the servers are in the various countries, ExpressVPN can cover a large number of clients and provide customers with very good speeds.


All VPNs encrypt the data that you send when using them. They encrypt the data to make you completely anonymous. There is one underside to this practice of encrypting data. When the services encrypt your data, they cause your computer slow down. Encryption is the primary difference between Smart DNS services and VPNs. Smart DNS services do not encrypt your data hence when you use them; you will not lose your computing speed. However, VPNs, by their nature, encrypt your data and slow things down a little bit.

Web App

ExpressVPN has a very functional and attractive website. The website has tabs that you can use to access all the essential functions of the service. You can manage your account, change the settings and do so many other things on this website. The service also has a very vibrant community of users. You can share your experiences and collaborate with other people using the service by joining the community.


There is nothing unique about the number of devices that you can use this service. Like any other VPN service, you can use your computer, mobile device, media console and router on this service. However, what we think that we should mention at this stage is that the speed with which you can upload or download files when using this service is quite good. From our tests, we find that this service performs relatively well.

ExpressVPN Compatibility

Payment Options

You can pay for this service using over 20 different methods. Because the service accepts a large number of payment options, you can access it comfortably from any country. You can use the conventional payment methods such as PayPal and credit card. You can also pay for the service using Bitcoin.

Customer Support

ExpressVPN has a good customer support team in place. However, we found that you cannot access the service at all times. In our opinion, since companies outsource this service, you cannot pin them against the wall by demanding that they keep the service up at all times.

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