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eScan Antivirus Review

eScan Antivirus Review

In this age, there are very many antivirus programs that are in the market. You will easily fail to choose a particular program that you think will meet your needs. In this eScan antivirus review, we seek to analyze how eScan, one of the most common antivirus programs in the market, performs and why we think that you should give it a try.

eScan Antivirus Review


  • The antivirus scores above average when it comes to detecting different types of malware.
  • The antivirus retails at a relatively low price when you compare it to other similar products that are in the market.
  • It comes with a firewall already installed. The firewall makes it perform relatively better than other antivirus programs that are in the market.


  • As much as eScan antivirus detects many viruses, it does not remove all the viruses that it detects.
  • Tests show that eScan causes machines to slow down a little when it is running on the machines.

Full eScan Antivirus Review


eScan is one of the most common antivirus programs. In general, we refer to these programs as antivirus, but the most accurate term should be antimalware. Like many other products, eScan does much more than simply protecting your device against viruses. The program also protects your devices against other types of malware such as Trojan horses, spyware and others. eScan does this by automatically scanning and detecting possible threats to your device. It can also quarantine and remove many types of malware on your device.


We find eScan affordable. At $29.95, you will access this program and protect your device against conventional and new threats for a full year. When we compared this price to that of other similar antivirus programs, we found that the difference is not significant. Therefore, we believe that the best way of testing the value of eScan is not by looking at its price by evaluating the way the program performs when you install it on your machine.

eScan Antivirus Price


One of the most exciting features is that eScan offers you very robust internet security that you will ever find in any other antivirus program. The product has a firewall program already integrated. Because it has its firewall, the program scans incoming and outgoing emails for any potential threat. It also checks anything that you would want to download and automatically blocks any download which it judges as malicious software.


eScan does not use a lot of disc space on your device. However, our tests indicated that depending on the mode of the program that you activate; you may experience slight delays in the way your computer functions. For example, when you enable the Game mode of the program, you may notice that your PC slows down a little as the antivirus program works harder to give you more protection. However, we do not think that this is a major problem, given that in many cases, antivirus programs consume a significant amount of resources and cause computers to slow down.

Web App

eScan has a well-designed website. When you purchase a full product, you are given an account on the website of the company. You can do all the essential things regarding your purchase when you log into your account. For example, you can extend your plan by paying for another year. You can also change the way the program runs on your machine by tweaking its settings while logged into your account.


eScan is compatible with very many devices. Because of a vast number of compatible devices, you do not have to worry about whether you can use the program on a particular device or not. We think that it is now an industry standard that any antivirus program should be compatible with a broad range of devices.

Payment Options

When you have made a decision to buy a full year plan for the program, you can pay the amount of money that you have to pay by any of the many methods that the company accepts. Furthermore, the process of paying for your eScan antivirus is quite straightforward and secure. You do not have to worry about possible hitches or delays.

Customer Support

When using eScan and you find that you are experiencing difficulties, you may contact the customer support team of the company. We learned that the team acts fast on emails and provides useful information.

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