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Dropbox Review

Dropbox Review

Over 200 million individuals in the US alone use Dropbox. Not considering the number of users in different parts of the world, we find that Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services currently operating in the market. In this Dropbox review, we point out the specific things that make Dropbox better or worse than its competitors in the industry.

Dropbox Review


  • It is very easy to share files with other individuals when using Dropbox.
  • Dropbox offers its users free additions to storage capacities as part of its marketing campaign. Clients can get free additional space when they use specific features of the service or when they invite their friends to use the service.


  • When compared to other cloud storage services, Dropbox charges more expensively for its Dropbox business, Dropbox Pro and Dropbox enterprise plans.

Full Dropbox Review


Like any other cloud storage service, Dropbox lets you share files with your colleagues who are in remote locations. Once you upload a file on your account, you can share it with specific individuals. For shared files, different individuals can access and make changes to them from their locations. You then get notified when any of your colleagues makes changes to the files. Therefore, you can use Dropbox to store your files in the cloud and facilitate collaboration among your team members.


dropbox-priceDropbox has three primary pricing plans. The plans are crafted for individuals as well as for businesses. The Dropbox Basic is for individuals and it comes with a 2GB free storage space. You can still share your files with your friends when you use this basic plan.

We think that it is important for you to stick to using this plan as an individual rather than trying to use it for your small business needs.

The Dropbox Business plan costs $900 per year, and it supports five individuals. The Dropbox Pro costs $10 for every person per month. However, unlike the Dropbox business plan which offers clients unlimited storage space, the Dropbox Pro limits the storage space to 1TB. The last pricing plan is the Dropbox enterprise, which the company says is designed as a premium tool for business collaboration and integration.

Disk Storage

You can choose how you want to save your files when using Dropbox. You may store all your files entirely in the cloud. Alternatively, you may make copies of your files available when you are offline. This feature is standard for nearly all cloud storage services.

Backup Solution

Dropbox is a good backup solution for your data. This is so because of several reasons. One, the service encrypts and stores your data in the cloud. Encrypting your data means that no one else can access it. However, remember that Dropbox keeps the encryption keys. Two, you can recover your lost files quickly. This means that you cannot lose your data when using the service. Third, you can remotely erase your data stored in the cloud.

Web App

You can use the web app of Dropbox to view your files, check on updates about changes on different files and generally, collaborate with your team.


Dropbox is compatible with all devices that run on Windows, Linux, and IOS operating systems.


Gong by recent occurrences, many people no longer believe that cloud computing is completely secure. However, at the basic level, Dropbox encrypts your data and keeps the encryption keys. This means that hackers cannot access your data.

Customer Support

You can get help from the client support team of the service by either calling or emailing them. The customer support team provides helpful information for fundamental problems that you may encounter when using the service.

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