March 24, 2017 Detect Cell Phones Calls are Being Recorded

Ways to Detect Cell Phones Calls are Being Recorded

Recently, a lot of data has come out about government surveillance efforts that go way beyond what we would expect. The main government agencies such as the CIA and NSA (don’t forget the FBI) have lots of data from the likes of WikiLeaks about how far they go to ‘protect’ the world. One way they do so is through tapping of phones. If you suspect that Big Brother is secretly snooping in on your communication, you need the following ways to detect cell phones calls are being recorded.

Detect Cell Phones Calls are Being Recorded
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Increased Data Charges

Unless you just changed your phone usage routine drastically, you will have a rough idea of how much data you need each month, day or week. If that amount happens to go up without any reasons on your end, you should get afraid. Phone-tapping malware collects information from your device and sends it over to the hacker (read government). Sending the information requires data from the connection you have.

Battery Issues

You also probably know how long your battery often lasts with average use. Then one day, after downloading that fancy new app, you notice that the battery suddenly died after a few hours of usage. Chances are that the new app came sideloaded with another program that is eating up your battery. You know why they call them malware? Because they are software pieces that are malicious in the way they operate. While your apps usually stop working when you lock the screen, malware works hard to steal your data all through.


While using your device may slow down its system, the manufacturers of today make sure that most apps can run side by side without slowing the device down. If you notice the considerable slowdown in the processing speed of your phone, then there is lurking in your system something you don’t want to be there.

Apps You Don’t Recall Downloading

One way to detect cell phones calls are being recorded is when you notice an app you never really downloaded. One lethal app called Hummer would install itself in Android phones then stay there for ages without being noticed.

The app would then steal any data it wanted with some people losing as much as their financial information to hackers. Always look at your apps every once in a while to confirm if there are any uninvited guests there. If you also notice any unwanted ads in unwanted places, it is time to check your device with some antivirus software.

Strange Interfaces in Apps or Websites

The most common sites we visit have familiar looks. Facebook, Google, Twitter, you name it. Then one day you go to and it looks like a site for contraband ammunition! Don’t go any further upon noticing this as it is a sign of being hacked. Also, some apps may all of a sudden look different when compared to the last time you checked them.

Don’t just assume it is the app trying to look dynamic. It is a case of a potential hacker messing with your device. Hackers keep getting complex by the day and the presence of such apps on your device will point to having a wiretapping malware (or other types) on your device. As soon as you notice such behavior, run your antivirus software to ascertain what is going on.

Strange Messages

Whether they are email messages, texts, WhatsApp or other types of messages, always take note of what type of content they have. For example, you get an email with a funny link it saying it came from someone you know. Either the sender had been compromised or being used to spread the malware, or you are the one compromised and the hack has taken control of your contacts. Also, if your friend says you stop sending them messages yet you didn’t, the hack is on you. Calls also work the same way. If you or someone in your phone book complains of missed calls, be careful and take the needed steps to stay secure.


There are many ways to detect cell phones calls are being recorded as stated above. Android, for example, has been repeatedly flooded with malware to wreak havoc on the users. While this is a worrying case, you can easily stay safe with a few observations on how you use your device. Don’t download apps from any other store but the Google Play Store, have an antivirus software installed and never click links whose source you’re not sure of.

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