March 15, 2017 Delete Facebook Search History

Want to Delete Facebook Search History? Follow these steps

Our Facebook activities may not be all that rosy. Maybe you checked out your ex again (after swearing never to do so). Or you simply have something to hide as we all do. For others, it is simply a way to clear our dirt before the new employer sees it as some check that out. Whatever your reason is, one of the things you will want to clear out will be your search history. This part of your activity log has all the searches you have made of pages, people, events and everything else. Facebook, however, does not make it easy to do delete Facebook search history. Here, we show you how.

Delete Facebook Search History
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Steps to Delete Facebook Search History

The steps include;

  • First of all, log into your Facebook account. The method we are detailing here is for your browser. It may differ in some ways with the Facebook app on phones but the result is the same. After the login, click on the Settings button in the upper right-hand edge of your screen. It is represented by a gear icon and can be accessed from any page. All your settings, including how to delete Facebook search history, can be found here.
  • Click on Activity Log as your next step to remove Facebook search history. The Activity Log, as the name suggests, has all the activities that go on in your Facebook account. It is thus natural that your search history would be found here. In the Activity Log, look for the More button. It is located on the left side of the activity log. On the side, it would have been thoughtful of Facebook to include the search history on the activity log page rather than having to force the user into another page.
  • In More, you shall find various options. Locate the Search option and click on it. A page with all your search history will be presented to you in this page. Most users will agree that it is a tedious process being able to delete Facebook search history but here we are at last. In the upper right corner of your page, you will see the Clear Search button. Click on it to clear all your search history. Just like that and you are clean as new! A bit confusing too for some but if you do it often you will get the hang of it.

Another item on our wish list of the things Facebook should have done is including an incognito mode for Facebook sessions. Your browser has private browsing and Zuckerberg and his army of engineers should consider this feature. It could be better for sessions when you just want to check out stuff and not remind about it.

No Need to Panic

The good thing about the Search History is that it is by default only visible to you the account holder. Even with that, you are not sure of privacy. You may be hacked and your account put at the mercy of hackers. If you did not clear your search history, well, you are in trouble.

You may also forget to log out of your account when using a public computer like in a cyber café. Pray that the next guy is the biblical Good Samaritan and won’t start doing evil things with your account. Other times, you may have your personal computer but your little sister likes using it to check out the new fashion items.

Keeping Your Account Secure

To stay safe and afford some sloppiness with your Facebook Activity Log, you need to take several measures.

  • First of all, always log out after a session with your Facebook account. This is important especially when you use a shared computer at home, school or work. It is different with your mobile app however. For this one, there are various levels of security on the phone that a hacker or snooper has to beat to get to you.
  • Secondly, you need to turn on two-step verification. Each time you (or someone else) log into your account you will need to confirm ownership of the account with a code sent to your phone.

It is a bit cumbersome but still one of the best methods of staying safe online.


Lastly, rather than having to delete Facebook search history each time you search for something secretive, just make sure the privacy settings are set correctly. Make sure only you can view the items in your search history. Not just this, but make sure other settings in the privacy section are set as you want.

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