Top 10 Dangerous Apps For Your Teenage Kids

Technology has brought its fair share of difficulties over the past fee years. But because we need it, we have had to adapt our lives to cater for it in our everyday lives. Not a day passes by anymore without someone directly doing something related to technology or indirectly connected. That is the world we now live in, and that is the reality. However, some of the problems that technology brings up need to be removed through help from various people. Especially when it pertains to our teenage kids. Their generation might just be more tech savvy than any other generation ever was, and therefore, it has always seemed like they are a step ahead of everyone. Luckily, we can help, and we will give you ways and help you with dangerous apps for your teenage kids that might just cause harm.

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10 dangerous Apps for your teenage kids

The number of apps in general available on the Play Stores out there is too much for us even to keep count. New apps are springing up every day, and some of them are not entirely good for the average being. And as a parent, your duty is to help keep your children safe in everything they do. Here is a list of some of the dangerous apps for your teenage kids. The apps are in no defining order.

Yik Yak

An anonymous iOS messaging app which is primarily used by most US college students. It gives them a chance to send anonymous short messages, known as yaks which have 200 characters and can be sent to 500 users as long as they are within a one-mile radius. Anonymous messages mean users can say what they want, and there is an age limit on the platform. Its dangers include exposure to messages which might be from perverts. Kids can see messages of obscene nature or bad language. Most schools in the US have banned the service on their Wifi’s, and if you are a parent the following suit might not be a bad idea.

Kik Messenger

One of the popular messaging app with most teens. All pictures and messages sent are not saved on the phone history which makes it popular with many teens who don’t want anyone following their every move. As a parent, this is hard because you feel you need to know what your child is up to. The danger is in the fact that because users messages are deleted after a specific time, teens can do and plan what they want, and they don’t even have to worry about covering their tracks. The app also has a promised anonymity feature which means any person might be there.


One of the most popular and fastest growing apps on the market right now. The app gives users the chance to send ‘snaps’ which will automatically delete after a certain period. The App also cleverly notifies users when someone takes a screenshot of a picture. The danger with Snapchat is that it encourages nude selfies. Contrary to popular belief, Snapchat messages can be retrieved via the Internet as so-called Snapchat messages are rather saved on an unknown database.


An app which gives users the chance to confess their innermost secrets to anyone willing to listen in a one-mile radius. The app can be used to search for nearby users and also gives out people’s locations, though it keeps usernames obscured. The danger in the app is that teens can receive obscene images and text from bad elements in the society. They become targets of cyber bullying and in some instances character assassination jibes.


This is an app with the intention of circumventing the parental monitoring trap that is enforced by parents out there. It hides dangerous apps for teens, which makes it even worse. However, the app has already been removed from the app stores because of all the negativity.


This is also an anonymous video chatting app. It gives users a chance to talk to various strangers on the Internet without them revealing and of their identities. There is no age limit enforcement and users do not even need to enlist their personal details. The dangers include teenagers talking to strangers on the Internet. The app can also be linked to Facebook, which would make it easier for cyberattackers to harvest information if they wanted to.


One of the most popular matchmaking apps on the market. It gives users the chance to create dating profiles, and then later they can choose dates as they please. The danger with the app is that first and foremost, you don’t want your teenager to enter into a relationship. Tinder also encourages ‘hook-ups’ with strangers which are something no parent wants.


It has been available on the market for some time now and is an app which gives users a chance to send 6-second videos to their followers. There is, however, a Vine Kids App, but teens are always stubborn as they say they need to be treated like an adult. Vine’s danger is that it exposes kids to some sexually explicit content, and might even lead teens to sexual predators.


It is known by its street name, ‘Bang With Friends.’ It gives a user a chance to sort out friends in different groups and with one including a list for those that you would like to hook up with. You don’t even need to know the dangers. The name says it all. “Bang with Friends.”


An app where anyone can ask anyone questions. It gives anonymity to users so they can easily be exposed to sexual content.

These are just some of the dangerous apps for your teenage kids, just in case you notice them on your children’s smartphone. What you choose to do with them is for you, but we have done our part.

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