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5 Tips to Get Cyber Security Internships

Cyber Security Internships

Being a cyber security expert or student is among the most lucrative fields at the moment. The US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) has made a prediction that, by 2022, the number of jobs in this field will grow by an impressive 37%. Even better is the fact that the jobs in this field are growing 12 times faster than other jobs in general. Getting a cyber security internship, therefore, is not a problem. However, with many people jostling for the same positions in the companies offering these opportunities, it would be clever to find ways of standing out from the crowd. If you just finished college and need a place to put your skills to practice, follow these tips:

Cyber Security Internships

Be Good at Programming

While it is not your primary focus as a cyber security expert, programming is what the core of computing is all about. The programs you use to secure firms are all strings of code. Hackers rely purely on their knowledge of coding to beat security measures set up to guard companies. To be able to stand in their way, you have to be smarter than they usually are. Your cyber security internship may require more than simply guarding the vaults of a firm to include creating custom solutions that require programming skills. It is an invaluable skill in any information technology field.

Widen Your Skill Set

Cyber security is a very wide field. It covers forensics, cloud, mobile, application security, network security, cryptography, malware and other areas. If you want to be an expert at what you do, you better have experience with as many of these fields as possible. You will need to find internships dealing with these fields as you walk through your degree program. This will also widen your net when it comes to choosing a field to focus on. After working with various firms and on various issues, you will gain the knowledge that will enable you to settle on a specific field. Even better, you will be flexible in your fields as you can easily move to one field when the need arises.

Make Yourself Visible

Your chance to land cyber security internship opportunities will depend on how visible you are online. Most people in this field have their profiles on online platforms such as GitHub and others where it is easy to find them. You have to put yourself out there detailing what you do, the skills you have and many other aspects. Also, make your potential employers know that you are ready to learn the ropes to stay ahead in security. This field is all about doing what is needed at that time and that entails lots of fast learning and skill execution.

See Opportunities

It is one thing searching for a cyber security internship, and another one landing it. First of all, having the cyber security internship you need may entail far more than most people are willing to admit. For example, do not wait for your specific type of job to show up before you apply for it. At times, you will be needed to apply for an internship even when opportunities advertised are for a digital assistant.

For all you may know, most firms are in need of a cyber security expert but do not have the exact job description for them. Simply focus on what you can do for the firm to make it better than the two of you will hammer a deal out. This may also take the form of finding connections from various people including your college professors on how to obtain the needed internship opportunities.

Focus Your Learning

In college, there are many things you can do when pursuing a degree in cyber security. However, you need to focus on learning as much as you can on cyber security. To achieve this, you need to take as many lectures on cybersecurity as possible. These will impart in you the skills you need to work as a security expert in various capacities. Have as many core and elective course units on cyber security as you want. The end result is that you will have many skills on the subject of your choice to have a great career in.

Cyber security internship opportunities are many. The problem is that most people coming out of college are not aware of them. If you put to use these skills, you will be a step ahead of the crowd with lots of benefits on your end.

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