May 8, 2017 Cyber Security Important

Why is Cyber Security Important in 2017?

As time goes by, everything we do is going online. Our cars, our homes, our phones and even our pets may soon join the internet of things. However, that is exactly why cyber security is important in 2017. Cyber attacks are steadily on an upward trajectory and hence the need for staying safe online. If in doubt about why you need to secure your connected life, perhaps the following details convince you.

Cyber Security Important
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  • First of all, smart cars (those connected to the internet) have been hacked severally by hackers either for fun or with fatal results. Even more so is the revelation that the CIA and other security agencies can remotely hack a car and assassinate a person of their choosing. Quite scary when you look at it.
  • Many customers are reliant on implantable devices such as pacemakers and others. These pacemakers literally determine the life of the users. However, they have been reported to be hacked too! Imagine someone hacking into your heart and determining whether you live or die!
  • Many homes are also adopting the smart home craze. Apple and Google and many other firms have made it possible to control your home from across the globe. However, these smart homes have also been hacked and controlled by people with ill intentions. They could easily lock you out of your own home or even set it on fire.
  • The planes we fly have also been hacked and controlled by unauthorised people. It may be such a big danger that hackers can control planes and even send them to unknown destinations.
  • With banking services going digital, the use of mobile banking apps and other services is also going up by the minute. However, these same banking apps and services have been repeatedly hacked with millions of dollars stolen from individuals and firms.
  • Many people depend on electricity and other such services. All of these are connected to the internet and can be hacked as it has already been proven. With a few tricks, hackers can throw a whole city into the darkness and do much more.
  • Traffic systems have also been hacked to bring chaos to the flow of cars and other road usage aspects. With cities being heavily reliant upon the perfect flow of traffic, it is clear that cybersecurity is a top priority item this year.

Threats Increasing by the Day

Most firms are not up to date as far as security goes. Most of them have security loopholes that can be easily exploited by hackers for their own benefits. Google, one of the firms with the highest number of user accounts, has been severally hacked with account details being exposed. The main problem comes up in how firms update their systems. Most of the vulnerable firms use a combination of old and new systems this making it easy for hackers to exploit the loopholes in the old systems.

The threats only get serious from the various groups of people interested in hacking including:

  • Black hat hackers are increasing in their numbers with a focus on getting into people’s accounts to steal sensitive information for identity theft and other crimes.
  • Cyber criminals are also increasing in their numbers each day. This means that more security measures have to be put in place to stop these cyber threats. Even previously secure systems are now under threat from these criminals as has been seen in hacks on Apple and Google.
  • There are hacktivists which are groups of hackers meant to express their grievances through hacking public firms. Of these, the most famous are Anonymous which has hacked many firms that they think to violate human rights. In most cases, the hacks come as a result of customers not adhering to the needed rules.
  • Countries have also joined the hacking fray with the likes of Russia and the United States hacking each other. The two maybe the main rivals in cyber espionage but the likes of China and Turkey are also coming up as potent hackers.
  • There are also cyber terrorists who hack people and companies to kill people. Although rare to come by, they will hijack planes and crash them and other similar actions. With everything being taken to the world wide web, their presence may go up with time.

Most people will agree that cyber security is a major priority at the moment. Both firms and individuals must always start their online sessions with security in mind as the threats are too many to ignore.

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