September 29, 2016 Cyber Security Importance

The Ultimate Guide To Cyber Security Importance

Organisations and individuals alike are taking the issue of cyber security very seriously. Several factors drive the need for individuals and organisations to take the issue of cyber security seriously. Here are five of the most important factors.

Cyber Security Importance
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  1. Increasing use of cloud computing

We are increasingly using cloud computing technologies. Organisations realise that is cheaper to store their data in the cloud. Similarly, individuals realise the importance and convenience of using cloud storage services to store their data.

However, the more we use cloud storage services, the more we increase chances of becoming victims of hacking attacks. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting cloud technology. The nature of cloud technology means that very may devices are interconnected. This makes it easy for cybercriminals to gain access to many devices when they succeed in hacking one cloud storage service.

Therefore, our love for cloud computing on the one hand, and the vulnerabilities of cloud computing technology, on the other force us to embrace cyber security.

  1. We constantly use email to communicate sensitive information

Email remain the standard form of communication in the corporate world. However, email continues to be one of the most vulnerable points in our digital life that hackers like exploiting. Cyber criminals use emails to attack their victims in different ways. For example, hackers send poisoned emails to unsuspecting individuals as part of phishing attacks. The fact that hackers still use emails to carry out phishing attacks means that the method is still working.

Also, cybercriminals who run sophisticated cyber crimes usually target their victims using emails. The most sophisticated banking frauds usually start with hackers sending emails to unsuspecting bank employees.

As much as email remain our primary mode of communication, cyber criminals will continue using it to launch simple and sophisticated attacks. Therefore, using specific cyber security tools to safeguard email communication is an important objective for every organisation.

  1. Emergence of new forms of attacks

Cyber criminals are constantly developing new forms of attacks. For example, criminals are developing new tools that help them to erase their activities. When the use such tools, it becomes very difficult for the traditional surveillance methods to detect a cyber security breach.

Similarly, we are experiencing new types of viruses, worms and other forms of malware. The emergence of new forms of malware means that we have to use new surveillance and prevention methods to stay safe. Therefore, as a way of staying ahead of new forms of malware, individuals and organisations have to embrace cyber security. Using effective cyber security strategies helps individuals and organisations remain safe from old as well as emerging forms of malware.

  1. The possibility of security breaches

It is common for companies to experience security breaches once in a while. Different reasons can lead to a breach. For example, errors by staff members when handling the cloud storage services account of the firm may compromise data security. Similarly, hackers may successfully gain access to confidential information of an organisation.

In all these cases, the ability of a company to survive depends on how well the company uses cyber security practices. Organisations that have in place very effective cyber security practices can weather down such storms. In practice, well-prepared organisations usually have disaster management plans in place. Such plans help the organisations to deal with possible data breaches. Also, organisations use disaster management plans to ensure that they suffer very little damage when a data breach incident occurs.

  1. The rise of interconnectedness

Nowadays, people are increasingly using smart devices. For example, the concept of “the internet of things” is taking shape with many people using different smart home devices. The smart home devices can connect to the internet and users can access them remotely.

Although using smart devices gives people a lot of conveniences, it also compromises their overall level of security. So far, no one can guarantee the security of all the smart devices that people are buying and using. Hackers can successfully hack into the software of your smart TV and spy on you. They can also access your smart fridge remotely and wreak havoc in your home.

Therefore, as a way of staying on the safe side, individuals and organisations need to put in place adequate cyber security measures.

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