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The Art of Creating Strong Password and Remembering It

Creating Strong Password

Whenever you sign up on a website, you are always advised to use a secure password. The reason for using a secure password is that it is hard to crack a strong password, but what do you need for creating strong password and how you can remember it. Let’s talk about it here:

Creating Strong Password
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The easiest way to remember password is to use a password manager, and it can also for creating strong password for your ease. However, even if you do get a password manager, you will still need the password to your password manager.

The Easiest Way for Managing Passwords

Over the internet, there are a plethora of websites and most of them require you to sign up if you wish to access their site. For every sign up you also need to create a login password, and you should choose a different password for different sites instead of using one for all. This is where the trouble begins, how you are supposed to remember these many passwords. A password manager is the best tool for dealing with such situation.

There are many password manager programs available, but Dashlane is likely the best and wins hands down in the race. The manager is available for every platform with easy to use apps. Moreover, it integrates with every web browser. The essential features of the program are available in the free version, although if you wish to use the functionality, you will need to upgrade to premium account.

The Conventional Password Advice on Creating Strong Password

The traditional password advice says a strong password is:

  • Should be Having 12 Characters At Least: The first and the foremost requirement of having a strong password is to make it at least 12 characters long. So, make it a minimum of 12 to 14 characters long, if you can make it any longer then that is ever better.
  • Doesn’t Contain in Dictionary or Isn’t a Combination of Dictionary Words: You should never use dictionary words as your passwords because they are easy to guess. A mix of words is also wrong. Be little creative while choosing a password.
  • Should Include Numbers, Lower-Case Letters, Symbols and Capital Letters: If you can choose a password on this footing then trust me you will create one heck of a password. A password which is so hard that it will take ages for the hacker to crack it.
  • Don’t Rely on Common Substitutions: You should also not rely upon frequent For example, you substitute ‘O’ with ‘0’, in the word Horse.

Be creative while making a password and try to mix it all up, make it 12 characters long and also ensure that it contains letters, symbols, numbers and capital letters as well.

The Art of Creating Memorable Passwords and Not Just Words!

If you go basing your fingers on the keyboard, I am sure you will create one heck of a password like “keior8ri0k@i934%” but is this password memorable? No, I guess not. Even though it fulfils all the requirements stipulated above and very hard to crack as well.

However, the problem remains of memorising the password, assuming you do not have a photographic memory; do you? So, what does it take to create a secure password which is also relatively easy to remember? All you have to do is to be a wee bit creative here, like pick an incident in your life and anything which is stuck in your memory and craft a password associated with the event. I am sure such a password will be easy for you to remember and also a strong one at the same time.


It is critical for security to create a strong password because as the Internet and technology developing more and more, we are relying on the web for more and more work like banking transactions but at the same time technology is empowering the cyber criminals to do nefarious deeds. So, you knew the art of creating strong password, memorise it and stay safe online. Peace!

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