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CrashPlan Review

CrashPlan Review

This is a brief CrashPlan review, a cloud storage service owned and operated by a US company called Code42. In this review, we look at some of the most important features of CrashPlan and compare its overall performance with that of the other cloud storage services that are in the market. For most of the aspects of the CrashPlan review, we conducted independent tests to confirm what experts say about the service.

CrashPlan Review


  • The service stores files in three different locations: onsite, online and local.
  • The service always sends email messages to users when the computers are off.
  • CrashPlan review has a simple design and is easy to use.


  • The uploading speeds are average.
  • Soon, the service will not have an app for Windows devices.

Full CrashPlan Review


CrashPlan has all the standard features of a cloud storage service. When you open the home page of the service, you see the following options: backup, destinations, settings, friends, history restore and settings. You can use the settings to change specific ways in which the cloud service functions. Additionally, you can use the option for friends to choose the people you would want to share your files with. The unique feature of this cloud storage service is the option for the destination. You can use it to choose the preferred location for your files.


crashplan-review-priceCrashPlan has four pricing plans: individual plan, free plan, family plan and business plan. All these plans have different benefits and cost different sums of money. For example, the free plan does not include cloud backup arrangement. Further, adverts are allowed to the site for free plan users. The individual plan costs $6 per month. Users can store an unlimited amount of data on the cloud using one computer. For the family plan, users can store an unlimited amount of data on the cloud for 2-10 computers. The family plan costs $14 per month.

Disk Storage

We considered the opinion of different experts about the memory needs of CrashPlan. Mainly, CrashPlan needs a lot of memory for it to operate smoothly. For example, if you store 1GB files, you need 500MBs of space on your computer. We compared this figures to those of the other cloud storage services. We found that there are other services whose memory consumption of almost a tenth of that of CrashPlan. Therefore, CrashPlan needs more memory for its operation than what the other cloud storage services need.

Backup Solution

One of the greatest concerns about cloud backup services, in general, is the speed with which one can upload files. The upload speeds of nearly all cloud services are low. Similarly, CrashPlan has low upload speeds. At times, the speeds may be behalf of the connectivity speeds. For example, if your connectivity speed is 10mbs, you may find that your speed of uploading files to CrashPlan is 5mbs.

Web App

You can use the web app of CrashPlan to make changes to your accounts, download files to your mobile device and upload files to the cloud from your mobile device.


crashplan-review-compatibilityCrashPlan is compatible with different devices that run on different operating systems.


Following the Snowden revelations, everyone is concerned about the security of the data stored in the cloud. People and businesses are concerned about the level of encryption that cloud storage services use on the data they are entrusted with. It is hard to verify the actual level of security that cloud storage services use for the data. However, it is enough to consider that a service like CrashPlan uses one of the most advanced encryption keys, Blowfish, to encrypt the data it stores.

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team of the service by email or live chatting. For serious issues, you can call the customer support team.

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