March 14, 2017 Common Windows 10 Errors

Methods to Getting Rid of Common Windows 10 Errors

Since Microsoft released Windows 10 two years ago, millions of users have upgraded to this latest operating system. With the new design in some aspects and new features, it brought a great experience to users.

However, along with the good points, there were also some negative aspects that brought bad experiences. Those are annoying errors that you could encounter when using Windows 10, such as blue screen of death, high computer resource usage, or internet connection issues.

Common Windows 10 Errors
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Therefore, we are going to share with you a few common Windows 10 errors, and ways you can use to get rid of them.

How To Diagnose And Fix Common Windows 10 Errors

Depending on the type of errors that appears on your computer, you have to use different ways to diagnose and troubleshoot. So you would be aware that there is no all in one solution to help you fix Windows errors in seconds.

Here are a few common Windows 10 errors you may encounter when using it:

#1. Blue Screen Of Death

This is the first Windows error on the list and also the most annoying one. The reason is that in most cases when it occurs, you are no longer able to access your computer. Instead, it will show you stop code and error message on a blue screen, and then reboot your computer and display that screen again. You will be stuck in a loop with this error screen forever unless the error is resolved.

Incompatible or corrupted drivers cause most blue screen of death errors (BSOD), but sometimes, damaged Windows system files are also the reason. To diagnose and figure out the reason, you can boot into Windows 10 Safe Mode and use WhoCrashed or BlueScreenView analyze dump files. Both utilities will show you which driver, or file that caused the BSOD error you are encountering.


Common Windows 10 Errors (2)

Depending on what you get from the result, you will need to reinstall corrupted drivers or scan and repair damaged system files. Besides, you can use stop code and error message that appears on your screen to find appropriate solutions. This is the Internet era so you can find anything.

#2. High Computer Resource Usage

It’s very normal if your computer runs out of resources (such as CPU & RAM) when opening a lot of apps, or using heavy programs. However, if no application is running but the resource of your computer in the high status, definitely something goes wrong.

According to the reports from Windows 10 users, there are three system processes often cause high resource usage issues, which are tiworker.exe, and wsappx, or svchost.exe (netsvcs) process.

In most cases, they are related to Windows services & features, such as Windows Update or Windows Store. Sometimes, you only need to restart those services or features, and so everything will be back usual.

However, the most difficult step is to figure out which service or feature that stands behind the system process that is hogging your computer resource. Fortunately, Windows Task Manager can help you to find out it in seconds.

To do so, choose it from the running apps list on the Details tab, and then right-click on it and select the Go to service(s) option. The Task Manager will be switched to the Services tab immediately and mark all related services. The last step, stop those highlighted services one by one until you find the one that caused the problem.

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#3. Internet Connection Issues

Many users don’t know that there is a handy feature in Windows, which can help us to diagnose and troubleshoot in case of getting issues with your Internet connection. These troubleshooters will scan, search for problems and fix them automatically.

To use them, go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Troubleshoot problems. Five options you can choose there, pick one that suits your situation.

Common Windows 10 Errors (3)


Getting issues when using your computer is irritating, and so most users don’t want to encounter any Windows 10 errors at all. However, you will undoubtedly face those problems a few times, or maybe more in your life. Therefore, here are a few common issues you may want to refer, and could be useful soon.

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