Common Vulnerable Browser Features that Expose you to Hackers

Your browser has very many features. Some of the features help you to access specific types of content. For example, JavaScript helps you to play media content on your browser. Some other features help you to have a better browsing experience. However, as much as these common vulnerable browser features may help you to access different types of online content in a better way, they may expose you to hackers.

Common Vulnerable Browser Features
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3 most common vulnerable browser features

Here are some of the most common vulnerable browser features. By knowing about these features, you can take the necessary measures to ensure that you remain safe even when you are using the features:

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small bits of information that websites collect about you when you visit the sites. In general, websites collect cookies from users during the first time when the users visit the sites. These types of cookies are called first party cookies. Web sites collect this form of information so that they can use it to keep your login details. Therefore, because of using cookies, web sites allow you to log in quite easily during the next time that you visit them.

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There is a second type of cookies which is called third party cookies. These are bits of information that some other companies or advertisers collect about you. The companies then use the information to study your online behaviour. Based on what the cookies record, the companies can give you the most suitable advertisements.

You need to clear cookies often. Clearing cookies will help to keep you safer online. The reasons for this are numerous. However, you need to remember that in the current times, cybercriminals are coming up with very new ways to lure their targets. One of them is that they use cookies to steal personal data and then use the data to access your accounts when you are not aware of what is happening. Therefore, to remain safe, make sure that you clear all the cookies from your browser.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a very important feature on your browser. The basic function of JavaScript is to enable you to watch certain media content on your browser. Therefore, if you are loading a page that has embedded videos, you need to have an active JavaScript feature to watch the video. Similarly, you need JavaScript to watch videos on YouTube.

The problem with JavaScript is that many malware programs need it to run on your browser. For example, all advertisement-related malware needs JavaScript to run on your browser. Additionally, cybercriminals can use the small windows that JavaScript-dependent programs open to place malware on your browser. Therefore, it is easy for hackers to access you when you are using JavaScript on your browser.

The best way of dealing with the JavaScript danger on your browser is to disable JavaScript. You stand to gain a lot when you disable JavaScript. First, you will experience faster browsing. JavaScript usually slows down your browsing experience because videos take long times to load. Therefore, when you switch off your JavaScript, you will experience faster loading speeds. Second, you will be safer from criminals when your switch off your JavaScript. Criminals who rely on JavaScript to place malware on browsers will no longer access your browser. Therefore, you can deal with this common vulnerable browser feature by disabling it.

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  1. Activex

Activex is a common feature on Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has been using this feature on all their earlier versions of Internet Explorer. They have retained it in the new Microsoft Edge browser. Therefore, if you are using a different browser, you do not have to worry about active. However, if you are using Microsoft Edge or any of its earlier versions of Internet Explorer, then you need to consider Activex as one of the most common vulnerable browser features.

Activex exposes you to cyber criminals. The feature helps you to watch some media content online. However, it does open additional windows on your browser at times. Therefore, Activex makes it easy for criminals to place malware on your device.

To deal with the danger that Activex exposes you to, you have to deactivate it. Deactivating Activex should not be a big problem since there are very many other options that you can use to access all the media files that you want to watch.


In conclusion, JavaScript, Activex and cookies are some of the most common vulnerable browser features. These features expose you to cyber criminals. Criminals can use them to access your device and your data, by extension. Therefore, for you to be safe, you have to deactivate them.

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