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4 Factors to Choose Best VPN Service in Year 2017

choose best VPN service

A VPN (virtual private network) is a special network of computers that overlaps on the normal universal network or the internet. A VPN is anonymous, secure and private. Hence, you can use it to browse the web as an entirely unknown entity, to remain secure when online and to access websites that the owners regulate the content.

choose best VPN service
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With many VPN services operating in the market today, you may have a difficult time choosing a service that suits your needs best.

4 Factors to choose Best VPN Service

Here are a few important tips you need to keep in how to get a VPN:

1. The strength of the server network

VPN services have servers in different parts of the world. The number and distribution of the servers is a good indicator of the level of performance of any service.

Services that have very many servers distributed in different regions of the world tend to offer excellent services to their clients. Clients located in various parts of the world can access the service via the server nearest to them. On a different note, VPN services with a small number of servers cannot manage to serve their global clientele in a reliable manner.

Therefore, remember to choose best VPN service that has a truly global reach because of having a large number of servers across all regions of the world.

2. The number of protocols that a service supports

VPN services use protocols to encrypt and transmit the traffic of users. There are several different types of VPN protocols. However, the most common ones include the following:

  • Open VPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP.

Whereas PPTP is a common protocol that many VPN services support, it is not very secure since it uses common encryption techniques that computer hackers can crack. However, Open VPN and L2TP are the most advanced VPN protocols currently in use.

When choosing a VPN service, always check the protocols that the service supports. You need to choose services that support different types of protocols by default. Services that use advanced protocols as their default protocols tend to use very advanced encryptions systems. Remember that strong encryption system is important in safeguarding the privacy of your data.

Hence, do not forget to choose services which support the two most advanced VPN protocols:

  • Open VPN
  • L2TP

Doing this will help you to achieve your main objective of using a VPN service, in the first place.

3. The number of connections per account

Every VPN service in the market has a set number of connections that it lets its customers use for an account. Some services allow clients to connect up to four devices on the network using a single account.

Remember to check the number of devices that the service allows you to connect using your device. This will be important to you for several reasons. For example, you may find it necessary to connect your PC as well as your phone on the virtual private network using your account. For services that let you connect multiple devices to your account, it may be easy for you to use several devices. However, for services that do not allow clients to connect many devices using one account, it is impossible to several devices on your account.

4. The logging policy

Logs are records of all the activities of VPN clients. VPN services usually have access to all records of client activities. However, the services may choose to keep the records or destroy them. Also, there are some services which keep the records for a month before destroying them.

The logs policy of VPN services is important for several reasons:

  • First, VPN companies may keep records as a way of complying with the law. In some countries, it is mandatory for VPN, among many other companies, to keep records of the activities of their clients.
  • Second, services that keep records of client activity may give the documents to law-enforcement officers when they are required to.

Therefore, it is clear that VPN companies that keep client records cannot claim to be committed to user privacy. When you have to choose best VPN service, always go for companies that have a zero-log policy in place. Such companies do not attempt to keep records of the activities of their clients.

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