July 2, 2016 Usefulness of Firewalls

The Usefulness of Firewalls has almost run its course

Firewalls have been an integral part of security systems for more than two decades. Although their widespread use only began from 1994, the need for firewalls and the idea of the product had long been understood and proposed respectively. Firewalls provide a simplistic yet effective defence mechanism to a security system by making the underlying […]

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May 31, 2016 Ways to Bypass online Censorship

Top 5 Ways to Bypass Online Censorship and Filtering

As the Internet connections been increasing each and every day, so has the level of Internet connection filtering also been increasing. Around the world in several countries, notably China, Russia and North Korea, some websites and Internet content cannot be accessed at all. Luckily inventors have found ways to bypass online censorship whatever level they […]

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