January 26, 2017 Bypass Internet Censorship in Russia

Bypass Internet Censorship in Russia – A Complete How to Guide

The Russian government has been using legislation to keep tabs on the way people use the internet in the country. The government has been controlling how individuals use the Internet in the country in the past few years by using a specialised agency called Roskomnadzor. In practice, the Roskomnadzor seeks to sieve content online, check […]

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December 5, 2016 Internet Censorship Debate

Internet Censorship Debate: What You Need To Know

The internet censorship debate has remained a hot issue for a long time now. On the one hand, there are proponents of internet censorship who argue that governments and other authorities should control the internet. On the other hand, some individuals argue against internet censorship by stating that we should have an entirely free internet […]

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November 17, 2016 bypass South Korean internet censorship

Bypass South Korea Internet Censorship – Detailed Guide

Internet censorship is a global hot topic. Some countries still control what they citizens can access on the internet. The reasons for using controls are many. However, in many cases, governments that restrict internet access do so for political reasons. The governments believe that by limiting the information that people can access on the internet, […]

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October 19, 2016 bypass School Wi-Fi restrictions

Learn How to Bypass School Wi-Fi Restrictions

Your school does not allow you to use specific apps when within the school compound. Different schools have different policies. However, many schools consider some apps and websites inappropriate for use within the school compound. Others block specific websites that they believe their students should not access at all whether in or out of school. […]

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