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Carbonite Review

carbonite review

Carbonite is a new cloud storage service in the market. In this brief Carbonite review, we evaluate the service regarding its features, functionality, and overall performance. We then compare it with the other cloud storage services in the market.

carbonite review


  • Carbonite is very easy to use because of its little number of features and elegant design.
  • The pricing plans are affordable to many individual users.
  • The client support team is very responsive and helpful.


  • The service is slower than its competitors when uploading or downloading files.

Full Carbonite Review


The basic feature of Carbonite is the storage capacity. You can use the service to store your important files in the cloud. You have the option of either saving your files online only or keeping copies of your files on your hard disk. Your choice depends on your personal preferences.

You can also invite your team members to collaborate on the files that you store in your cloud account. You can send invitations to your team members via mail. You can then monitor what your friends are doing on the files.

You can choose to save all the changes that you make in your document as well as recover all the documents that you delete by mistake.


carbonite-priceThere are three different pricing plans. The first plan, the home plan, costs $4.92 per month. The second plan, the home plus plan, costs $8.25 per month. The third plan, home Premier, costs $12.42. All these plans have different allocations for storage space.

Like it is the case with many other cloud storage services, you can use the basic pricing plan, in this case, the home plan, for your individual cloud storage, needs.

Disk Storage

One of the most important things about Carbonite is that you cannot sync your files with those on a different device. This means that whenever you use a different device, you have to sign in to your account afresh.

Backup Solution

You can choose to keep all your files in the cloud automatically. You may also choose to save copies on your hard disk. Regardless of the option that you choose, Carbonite is a good backup solution for all your needs. The only difference arises when you have to provide backup for very large files. In any case, you may have to choose one of the advanced pricing plans of the service.

Web App

The website of Carbonite has an elegant design. Besides, you can use the special apps of the service to access your account and carry out some of the fundamental functions on your computer. You can use the app to update your account, upload files and even download your files.


Carbonite is compatible with all the standard operating systems. You can use it on your Windows, MacOX, Android, Linux and IOS.


Carbonite encrypts all the client data. The service uses complex encryption protocols to keep your data safe. Regardless of the level of protection that you get, you need to remember that cloud storage services cannot guarantee you complete safety for your data. For example, you need to keep in mind that the cloud storage services keep the encryption keys. Also, you need to remember what the Snowden reports taught us, that a government could access the data that you store in the cloud.

Customer Support

Carbonite has a very supportive customer service team in place. You can access the team at any given time. We think that the team does a commendable job concerning providing timely and useful responses.

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