October 8, 2016 cactusvpn review

CactusVPN Review

CactusVPN is one of the most common VPN services in the market. Several reasons make CactusVPN very popular among individuals who use VPN services. In this CactusVPN review, we look at some of the most important features of CactusVPN. We then compare the features of CactusVPN with those of the other top VPN services in the market.

cactusvpn review


  • CactusVPN uses very strong encryption protocols, and this makes it one of the most secure VPN services in the market.
  • CactusVPN has a very vibrant online community: you can get a lot of useful information from the discussions that members have in the community.
  • The pricing plan of CactusVPN is very competitive when compared to those of rival VPN services.


  • CactusVPN does not have a referral program under which clients get bonuses when they successfully refer people to the service.
  • The number of servers of the service is relatively low when compared to other services.

Full CactusVPN Review


CactusVPN has several features. One of the most important features of the service is that you can connect three different devices to the internet using your account. The number of devices that you can use to log in to the internet using your account is critical. You can use the number of devices that you can connect to a service using your account to evaluate how a VPN service performs. Therefore, CactusVPN performs better than most of its rivals regarding the number of devices that clients can use to connect to the internet.


CactusVPN has different pricing plans. One of the plans costs $4.99 per month. Under this plan, you can access up to four different servers in the United States. This means that you can access content which the streaming sites only make available to clients in the United States. Alternatively, you can choose the other plan under which you can access up to six different servers in the United Kingdom.

cactusvpn-priceSimilarly, this pricing plan costs $4.99 per month. There are other pricing plans as well. For example, at a price of $6.99 per month, you can access the CactusVPN service as well as the Cactus Smart DNS service. Under this plan, you get access to servers in different countries in the world including Romania and the Netherlands.


CactusVPN has servers in the following countries: the US, the UK, Netherlands and Romania. This means that when you are using the service, you only have access to servers in any of these four countries. From the pricing plans, you can access any one of these countries for $4.99 per month. However, if you want to access the servers in all the four countries that the service covers, then you have to upgrade to the plan that costs $6.99 per month.


Encryption is one of the most important features of any VPN service. A service that uses a very good encryption protocols is more reliable that one which uses less effective protocols. This is the case since encryption defines how well a VPN service can secure your data and keep it safe from unauthorised parties. In this case, CactusVPN uses all the three standard encryption protocols. This approach makes it one of the most secure VPN services in the country.

Web App

The web app of CactusVPN gives you easy access to all the functions of the service. You can easily connect to and disconnect from the service using the web app. Besides, you can assess the overall performance of the service at any given time by using the web app.


CactusVPN is compatible with a broad range of devices. We find that this is a great advantage to users. Mainly, individuals who use Windows devices can access the service quite easily.

Payment Options

You can pay for the CactusVPN service using several payment options. For example, you can use the traditional method of a credit or debit card. Here, you can use any one of the many different types of credit and debit cards that the company accepts.

Customer Support

You can access the client service of CactusVPN using the traditional ticketing service. You can also call the customer service desk of the company. However, we find that using the ticketing system is an effective way of getting help when using the service.

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  1. Amm sounds good, Well I am using PureVPN it also working good, the prices are little expensive 9.99/month than cactus but I think it deserves.

    1. Samantha, thanks for you contribution. Well, yeah PureVPN is also one of the best VPNs – but it is restricted in some locations. Stay in touch!

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