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Cactus VPN Smart DNS Review

Cactus VPN Smart DNS service has been in operation for a lengthy period. Longevity is one of the things that make many users trust this service. The value offering of this Smart DNS service is to provide clients with an affordable way of streaming TV programs using their devices. In this Cactus VPN Smart DNS review, we examine how the service performs on this front and compare it with its main rivals in the industry.

Cactus VPN Smart DNS Review


  • Cactus VPN Smart DNS service has very attractive pricing plans.
  • The service has a 30-day money back guarantee program in place.
  • The client support team is always on hand to provide detailed and precise answers to client questions.


  • Currently, the service has servers in only three countries: United Kingdom, United States and Poland.

Full Cactus VPN Smart DNS review


The features of Cactus VPN Smart DNS service define how it works. First, the service has servers in the US, UK and Poland. When you pay for a specific pricing plan of the service, you will have to configure your device to use the servers of the service. Once you set up your device, you will be able to access TV and other forms of media content from any streaming site in the world.

Currently, you can access more than 100 different streaming sites when you use this service. The servers of Cactus VPN Smart DNS service mask your real IP address and trick the servers of all these sites to believe that you are located in any of the countries in which they stream their content, including the US, UK and Poland.

It is based on the ability of this service to mask your IP address that you can access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. More so, you can use the service to remain anonymous when browsing the web.


The following is a breakdown of the different pricing plans of Cactus VPN Smart DNS service. The first plan costs $5 and is based on a monthly basis. For the second plan, you will have to pay $23 for the six months that the plan covers. Lastly, it costs about $39 to use the service for twelve months.

cactus-vpn-smart-dns-priceIt is better to subscribe to either the six-month or the twelve-month pricing plan of the service. On average, it costs less per month to use the six-month or the twelve-month plans as compared to the monthly plan. In practice, all the leading Smart DNS services such as Blockless Smart DNS and Unlocator Smart DNS try to convince customers to purchase the six-month or twelve-month pricing plans as opposed to the monthly plans.


Cactus VPN Smart DNS service has servers in the US, UK and Poland. This does not mean that the performance of the service is compromised by the seemingly limited server network. Rather, you can access all the geo-restricted content by using the service from any location in the world. Besides, most leading Smart DNS services have relatively limited server network strengths. However, they are still able to provide their clients with above-average services.


As it is the case with any other Smart DNS service Cactus VPN Smart DNS service does not encrypt client data. As a result of using this approach, Smart DNS services offer clients above average connectivity speeds. Hence, you can stream TV content from your favourite sites at normal speeds when you use a Smart DNS service, like Cactus DNS Smart DNS service.

Web App

We find that the web app of Cactus VPN Smart DNS service is comparable to those of some of the top Smart DNS services with regards to design and performance. The app has its features well arranged this makes it easy for users to access the features.


cactus-vpn-smart-dns-compatibilityYou can use Cactus VPN Smart DNS service on the following: all Android-based devices, all Windows-based devices, Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox 360, NOW TV Box, Roku, PS3 and many others.

Payment Options

You can try the service for seven days for free. Once you decide to buy a specific plan for the service, you can pay for the service using any of the following methods: Qiwi, PayPal, CashU, Webmoney or any credit card.

Customer Support

The client support team of the service provides accurate and useful information at any given time. You can contact the client support service via email or by chatting with a representative.

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