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Learn How to Bypass Torrent Blocking – 4 Methods

Bypass Torrent Blocking

You can access different types of files by torrenting. However, as much as torrenting offers you a convenient way to download files, you may experience restrictions. Because of copyright restrictions, some ISPs block users from accessing torrents. The good news is that you can overcome torrent blocking. There are many ways in which you can bypass torrent blocking:

Bypass Torrent Blocking
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4 Methods to Bypass Torrent Blocking

However, some of the methods are more effective than the others. Here are the four key methods you can use to bypass torrent blocking and download torrents anonymously free:

Use VPN Service

You can transfer data anonymously over the Internet by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Typically, a VPN is made up of a collection of devices and servers working in a virtual network. Any standard VPN service, such HideMyAss VPN or ExpressVPN, has special tunnels. The service encrypts client traffic and channels it through the tunnels.

You can use a VPN service to move your data securely and anonymously. Using a VPN service will give you a tunnel that has very good security and that can help to maintain your privacy. As a result, you can download any torrent files without risking losing your privacy and safety during the process. To play a safe game, consider the reputation of the VPN provider before you secure a VPN for use. You can employ the services of a top VPN service to ensure that you keep the security of your data when torrenting.

Use Torrent-Friendly Downloaders

Some downloaders will provide you flawless service when you are torrenting. Such downloaders will help you to access your files without the fear of blockage. You can access any specific type of torrent-friendly downloader from the internet.

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The process of using such downloaders is simple. First, you need to get a downloader from the internet. In most cases, this process takes a very short time. After downloading the downloader and installing it on your system, you will have to customise the settings to suit you. For many downloaders, you can use the web app very easily.

You can change the functionality of your downloader to ensure that it suits your needs. Some of the reputed downloaders available are Image Shake, Torrent Relay, and Instant Torrents.  These torrent downloaders come with affordable price tag.


Most people use Seedbox to download torrent files. It is adept at overcoming many challenges that may lead to torrent blocking. This is because Seedbox is specifically designed to download torrent files at impressive speed. You can download the torrent file directly to the Seedbox and transfer it to your PC. The Seedbox connection is an encrypted HTTP or FTP which will deceive the ISP into believing that you are transferring a regular file. The subscription fee is between $2 and $20 per month.

There are several advantages of using a Seedbox to download torrent files. One of them is that a Seedbox is quite affordable. For an average price of $10 per month, you can access a Seedbox and download all the files that you want.

Use Port 80 or 8080

In general, ports can help you to bypass torrent blocking quite effectively. If you want to have a great experience downloading torrents without any hiccups, you may have to switch to port 80 or 8080.  You need to manually set your port to either of these two ports to avoid blocking. The use of these ports to bypass torrent blocking is because ISP does not have direct access to these ports. Therefore, regardless of your location, your ISP cannot block you from using torrents.

However, you must disable some port mappings such as Nat-PMP and UPnp before you proceed with using these ports for downloading. There is a snag. If you turn off the two port mappings, it will reduce the downloading speed.

One of the main disadvantages of using this method is that you need to have a high level of technical knowledge. You must understand how ports work and how to configure them to use this method safely. However, as long as you can manage your ports effectively; you will find this method quite convenient.


In conclusion, there are very many methods that you can use to bypass torrent blocking. However, the most effective one is to use a VPN service. A VPN service is more convenient than the others because of the price and speed. This will help you to overcome the restrictions that ISPs put on the service.

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