Bypass Snooper’s Charter in the UK – Stay Protected Anywhere

Snooper’s Charter is officially known as the Investigatory Powers Act. Both houses of parliament in the UK passed this controversial piece of legislation back in November. This law is controversial for various reasons. Essentially, it allows law-enforcement agencies to quickly access the private data of individuals through extensive hacking activities, and this is a form of internet censorship. Many people feel that there is a need to overcome the provisions of the law, which interfere with the rights and privileges of individuals. Here is how you can bypass Snooper’s Charter in the UK.

Bypass Snooper’s Charter in the UK
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How the Snooper’s Charter interferes with your privacy

The Snooper’s Charter has several provisions that interfere with your privacy. In general, the government intended to provide more powers to its agencies to effectively deal with crimes in the current age. However, when government agencies start implementing the provisions of the law, it is likely that this may interfere with your privacy. Here are some of the ways in which this new law may interfere with your privacy:

Data collection

The new law allows the government to force communication companies to retain data about your online activities. For example, all Internet Service Providers will have to keep data about the online activities of their clients for twelve months. Right now, companies may only maintain the data for six months. Besides, the government may force the companies to hand over the data to them for security purposes.

For government agencies to access your data, they will have to get permission from a court of law. But the new law makes this process easy: agencies only have to convince a judge that they need to carry out specific procedures. Once they get the permission, investigating bodies can then access your data at will.

Government-sanctioned hacking

Second, the new law has provisions that allow investigating agencies to hack computers in the course of conducting an investigation. The scariest part of the new law is that government agencies can carry out hacking procedures on a network of computers. This provision implies that as long as you are on the radar of Scotland Yard, for example, investigators can hack your device even if you are outside the UK.

How a VPN can be of help

Using a VPN is the perfect method that you can use to bypass Snooper’s charter. A VPN works by encrypting your traffic and sending it via secure channels. For the ISPs and other agencies to succeed in tracking you down, they need to identify you.  Interestingly, a VPN helps you to browse the web anonymously. Therefore, when you use a VPN, you assume an entirely different online identity that is different from your real identity.

One of the ways in which a VPN can be helpful to you regarding defeating the provisions of the law relates to the issue of your data. If you use a VPN, your ISP will not tell your online activity. You will be able to change your IP address to reflect that you are in a different country when you are still in the UK. Therefore, service providers will find it difficult to keep logs of your activities.

Also, when you use a VPN, you make it difficult for government agencies to hack your device if you become a target. Most standard VPN services use advanced security features to protect the traffic of their clients. It is difficult for a third party to unmask the identity of a person who is using a VPN and attempt to hack the device that the individual is using. Therefore, a VPN protects you against the provisions of this new law.

A few things to remember

As much as using a VPN is the most efficient method that you can use to bypass Snooper’s Charter, there are a few things you need to bear in mind when doing choosing a VPN service. One, you need to choose a VPN service that uses highly advanced features to hide your traffic. It is possible for your VPN to fail when you are connected to the internet. In such a case, your IP address will no longer be hidden. Therefore, choose a service that uses the KillSwitch feature.

Second, some VPN services keep logs of the activities of their clients. However, the essence of using a VPN is to hide your IP address and remain anonymous. If you choose a VPN that keeps logs, you may not successfully evade the activities of state agencies. Therefore, you need to use a VPN service that does not keep logs for you to bypass Snooper’s Charter in the UK.


In conclusion, the Snooper’s Charter has several provisions that government agencies can easily take advantage of and abuse your privacy. However, you can use a VPN service to hide your real IP address and encrypt your data. Remember to choose a VPN service that does not keep logs and uses advanced security features.

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