May 31, 2016 Ways to Bypass online Censorship

Top 5 Ways to Bypass Online Censorship and Filtering

As the Internet connections been increasing each and every day, so has the level of Internet connection filtering also been increasing. Around the world in several countries, notably China, Russia and North Korea, some websites and Internet content cannot be accessed at all. Luckily inventors have found ways to bypass online censorship whatever level they might be on. Many ways have been documented which give people the chance to view any of the filtered websites in their countries and regions.

Ways to Bypass Internet Censorship
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VPNs to Bypass Online Censorship

One of the best and easiest solutions to bypass internet censorship and restrictions is to use Virtual Private Networks. VPNs have so many advantages that not using them doesn’t make sense. The good thing about them is that the network interactions and communication is encrypted.

There is no way that an outsider could come in and snoop into your network. And if a government or country tries to block the network, they couldn’t. Why? Because the commands and communication you send via your computer can be traced back to the VPN service and depend on the host country you have chosen, it would mean they don’t know which country you are sending requests from.

If governments wanted to block users who make use of VPNs, they would have to block the VPN service providers themselves, and only God knows how many there are.

VPN users who use the ExpressVPN system are extremely pleased. The system has also created apps for every mobile platform available including Windows, Android, and iOS system.

Best VPN to Bypass Online Censorship

After a lot of research, experts say the ExpressVPN system is one of the best for all VPN beginners out there. There is no manual VPN configuration needed, as the VPN can connect by simply clicking a dial in the application of the system.

VPNs have been present for a long time, and as the countries affected by them now seem to get a grip on them, some free VPNs are losing the battle. That goes them without saying that the top VPNs would surely cost a little money.


Dubbed the least likely to work method by experts. This method works by redirecting of requests from users from their websites to other websites. If by luck the censorship and filtering are only at the DNS level, then you are in luck. A simple custom setting off another DNS server on the device you are using can help you jump that Internet wall.

To check if the DNS level filtering is working very well, there are tools like the Google Public DNS, which show if the system is working.


The Onion Router as it is known in the tech industry. This is a browser that gives users the opportunity to browse safely and anonymously. It sends user information via an encrypted network, which then comes out at the intended point, and will not be filtered or censored at the end. Tor allows you to get into any blocked content and or websites via any connection.

Many countries are attempting to block the browser at the moment. The browser does come with its disadvantages in that it is slow when compared to other browsers. So if you are ready for an encrypted and safe connection but slightly slow, Tor is the way to go.


Standard proxies are also another way that sites can be accessed if they have been blocked from the public. They are similar in function to VPNs, but they do not stay reliable as much. Experts say it is better off to use VPNs to pay for services rather using proxies. They are good in their regard, though.

They work with certain programs on a computer and not each and every one of them. But there are advantages! As compared to the Tor browser and VPNs, which slow down the Internet speed and there are a lot of proxies available on the web.


They are also said to be in the same breadth as VPNs, and most of the times customers are advised just to use a VPN instead.

Censorship is not only happening in certain countries but is slowly becoming something common around the world. Many governments are implementing laws they say for the good of the human race at the expense of Internet freedom sometimes. These are ways to help bypass online censorship problems.

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